Quick Start with Tuya Edge Gateway

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This topic describes how to deploy and use Tuya Edge Gateway (TEdge) and run a simulated device. When you get your hands on TEdge for the first time, these quick start steps help you learn more about the comprehensive development process of the edge gateway.


  1. Register an account of the Tuya Developer Platform. TEdge requires this platform to serve your workloads.

  2. Prepare a host that can be a device such as your personal computer or Raspberry Pi computer. The device must meet the following requirements:

    • Hardware: at least 2 cores and 1 GB of memory.
    • Operating system: Unix-like operating system that supports x86 and Arm platforms.
  3. You can follow the instructions in Get Docker to install Docker for your operating system. The following procedure describes how to install Docker on two operating systems:

Select versions

Tuya provides two versions of the Tuya Edge Gateway software. Both of them can be deployed and run in Docker containers based on Unix-like operating systems.
Tuya Edge Gateway V2.0 adopts the latest methods to access smart devices within Tuya’s ecosystem. We recommend that you use this software version to integrate with third-party devices.

Integrate with Devices Using V2.0

For more information, see Integrate with Devices Using V2.0.

View documents on V1.0

For more information, see V1.0.