Zigbee Gateway

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The Tuya Sandwich Zigbee gateway demo board helps you quickly build gateway prototypes. With Tuya Sandwich Zigbee gateway, you can connect Zigbee devices or development boards to the Tuya Cloud Platform.

Zigbee Gateway

Main components

Tuya Sandwich NB-IoT communication board uses the TYZS3 module and WRG1 module developed by Tuya Smart. For more information about modules, see the TYZS3 Module Datasheet and WRG1 Module Datasheet. The gateway demo board also contains a Micro USB power port and a button.

I/O port

  • P2: Micro USB power port
  • P3: SWD port of TYZS3
  • P1: WRG1 programming interface and serial port
  • P4: WRG1 log interface and IIC interface
  • S1: Pairing button
  • D2: Indicator
  • D3: Indicator

Schematic diagram and PCB

  • The schematic diagram is as follows.

    Zigbee Gateway

  • The PCB is as follows.

    Zigbee Gateway

Things to note

Regarding power supply, the Sandwich Zigbee gateway demo board must be powered by greater than 1A.