Adaptive module

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This document introduces the certification module listed in the sample store. Customers can purchase the certification module through the following link.
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The firmware in the adaptive module is not fixed frequency firmware, so it cannot be used for fixed frequency test. It is used for testing adaptive and receiver blocking, and normal certification like CE will use this module. The module will weld a radiofrequency wire to connect the Spectrum analyzer, CMW500, etc. The module should lead out the serial port line: VCC, GND, RX, TX, connected to the USB serial port board, connected to the computer through the USB serial port board, through the serial port software command control module.

Device EIRP<10dBm can avoid adaptive testing. For the Bluetooth modules of our company, they are all LE Bluetooth modules with the powerless than 10dBm, so they do not need to test adaptive.

Test set up

Adaptive module

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