Radiated module

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This document introduces the certification module listed in the sample store. Customers can purchase the certification module through this link( purchase the certification module).

The firmware in the radiated module is fixed frequency firmware, without RF wire, used for some radiated tests, such as radiated spurious emission etc. The module is welded to the whole machine, powered by the whole machine, and leads to the serial port line: GND, RX, TX. The module is connected to the computer through the USB serial port board, and the module is frequented by test software or test instructions.

Radiated module test items

With the CE, FCC, SRRC, for example


Test items
Transmitter unwanted emissions in the spurious domain, Receiver spurious emissions


Test items
Spurious radiated emissions for transmitter, Band edge(radiated)


Test items
Transmitter unwanted emissions in the spurious domain

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