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App Knowledge Management

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  • If you have not created your own App knowledge base, the content of universal knowledge of Tuya public App will be displayed in your App.
  • If you create your own App knowledge base, the App will only display the knowledge your own.

In order to enhance your brand image and consumer experience, it is recommended that you create your own App knowledge base.

Universal knowledge base of Tuya public App

It is managed by Tuya. If you have not created your own App knowledge base, the content of the library will be displayed in your App. The content of this library is not editable, you can choose to inherit when creating your own App knowledge base, or enter the knowledge base to select the required knowledge for reference. The universal knowledge base of Tuya public App serves as a reference library to help you quickly create your own library.

The universal knowledge base of Tuya public App is not editable. Customers can enter the library to view lists, search, reference and copy.
App Knowledge Management
App Knowledge Management


You can search by language, FAQ, time, keyword / ID.


  1. Select one or more knowledge entries, and click Reference.

  2. In the displayed Knowledge Reference dialog box, select the target knowledge base from the Name drop-down list. After you select a target knowledge base, languages that both knowledge bases support are automatically displayed in the Citation language text box.

  3. Select the category and click Ok.

Referenced knowledge entries will overwrite knowledge entries with the same knowledge titles in the target knowledge base. If the title and answer are not edited, the cited knowledge will change with the change of the source knowledge. Once edited, the inheritance relationship becomes invalid. If only a certain language has been edited, it will just invalidate the inheritance relationship of a certain language, and the language that has not been edited still retains the inheritance relationship.

App Knowledge Management

Copy has no inheritance relationship, it is pure copy, and other logic is consistent with reference.
App Knowledge Management

Create my App Knowledge Base

It refers to the App knowledge base that you created yourself. You can create a library applies to one or multiple apps. The operation steps are as follows:

Step1: Click Create app knowledge base to start creating your own app knowledge base.

App Knowledge Management

Step2: Enter the corresponding information in the pop-up window and click OK.

App Knowledge Management

  • Name: used to distinguish different App knowledge bases, which can be modified at any time.
  • App: You can select one or more apps under your account to associate. After the association, categories and released knowledge in the knowledge base will be synchronized with apps’ FAQ & Feedback.
  • Select the language: Configurable languages of Category, Question, and Answer in the knowledge base according to your needs.
  • Display language: Refers to the display language of the category, title and answer of knowledge on the list page of knowledge base.
  • Bottom language on the app: This item is not required. Once you have selected a language, the knowledge of this language is required when adding knowledge. When the user switches the phone language to a language for which you do not maintain knowledge, the App will display the language you set.
  • Copy the contents of the initial library: If you want to use the contents of the initial library, select “Yes” here whether to inherit the contents of the original library. If you select “No”, the content of your knowledge base will be empty after creation, it is recommended not to select the App first, and then to manage the knowledge before associating.
  • Languages of inheritanced: supports inheriting two languages, Chinese and English, you can choose one or both.

Step3: Manage categories, Q&As, and FAQs in your own app knowledge base

  • After your own app knowledge base is created, if you choose to inherit, all the content in the current universal knowledge base of Tuya public App will be copied over. The default is the published state, you can modify it on this basis. Since the copying takes a certain amount of time, the number will be displayed correctly after the knowledge is completely copied, please refresh it later.
  • If you choose not to inherit, the categories and knowledge lists on the knowledge management page are empty, and you need to create them yourself.

When creating your own app knowledge base, the content of the current Tuya library is copied. Subsequent additions to the Tuya library will not be updated synchronously. You need to enter the Tuya library to view and reference it.

Category Management

1. Creating categories

You can only create knowledge categories and sub-categories. Lower-level sub-categories are not supported. To create a category, click + Primary category. In the displayed Create category dialog box, enter the category name and click Ok. Categories on the General tab page will be displayed in the App. You are advised to specify the category name separately in all selected languages. If content in a selected language is not maintained in the background, the content will be displayed in English by default.The sorting of categories is the positive sequence of time, and the newly created categories are ranked last.
App Knowledge Management
App Knowledge Management

2. Deleting categories

  • Categories with sub-categories cannot be deleted.
  • Categories without sub-categories but with released knowledge cannot be deleted directly. To delete such a category, first invalidate all knowledge entries under the category.

3. Editing categories

Click the editing icon to modify the category name. The new category name cannot be the same as the current name.

App Knowledge Management

4. Searching for categories

To locate a category quickly, enter category name keywords in the search input box.
App Knowledge Management

5. Changing the category of a sub-category
It supports adjusting the order under the same parent, and also supports dragging to another parent.

Create Knowledge

First select the subcategory on the left, and then click Create Knowledge, the page for creating knowledge will open.
App Knowledge Management

After filling in the knowledge of the corresponding language, remember to click Save first, and then switch to another language for editing.
App Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

1. Operating a single knowledge entry

You can edit, reference, transfer, invalid, sort, release, delete, and Marked as FAQ.

App Knowledge Management

  • Click Edit. The Edit knowledge dialog box is displayed. You can change the category.
  • Click Reference to copy the knowledge entry to another knowledge base.
  • Click Transfer to transfer the knowledge entry (A) to another knowledge base. If the target knowledge base has a knowledge entry with the same title (B), A will overwrite B.

After you transfer a knowledge entry from a knowledge base, the knowledge entry no longer exists in the first knowledge base.
App Knowledge Management

  • If the knowledge entry has been released, Invalid is available in the operation menu. To invalidate the knowledge entry, click Invalid. It will then be grayed out and disappear from the App, and Marked as FAQ will no longer be available for it.
  • To restore the knowledge entry to the released state, click Release.
  • To delete a released knowledge entry, first invalid it.
  • Sort: The serial number of the knowledge is not required. If you want the display order of the knowledge on the App side to be higher, you can set the sort. Only supports Arabic numerals greater than or equal to 1,The smaller the serial number, the higher the sort.
  1. FAQs with a serial number are sorted before those without a sort.
  2. FAQs with the same serial number are arranged in reverse order according to the update time.
  3. FAQs without a sort are sorted in the reverse order of the update time.
  • Marked as FAQ: The knowledge marked as FAQ can be displayed on the homepage of FAQ & Feedback page of the App, and up to 10 questions and answers can be marked.
  • Click the knowledge title in the list to quickly view the knowledge content in the pop-up window.
    App Knowledge Management
    You can check the creation, update, and release time of the knowledge entry, place the cursor to the inverted triangle next to the knowledge ID on the displayed knowledge details page. If the knowledge entry is invalid, the time it became invalid will be displayed rather than the release time. To edit, reference, transfer, or invalidate a knowledge entry, click the corresponding icon in the upper right corner. You can also change the display language.

2、Operating a batch of knowledge entries

Select the knowledge first, and then you can batch the selected knowledge: publish, invalid, quote, copy, transfer, delete, export the selected knowledge, and import the knowledge.
App Knowledge Management

  • Export: Only one language can be exported at a time. If the page is refreshed during the export process, the export task continues. If you need to terminate, please click the Stop button in the page pop-up window.
  • Import: Import files need to be less than 10M at a time. If the import fails, you can download the attachment on the page to view the reason for the failure. If the page is refreshed during the import process, the import task continues.
  1. If you need to import Chinese, download the Chinese template, if you need to import English and other languages, download the English template.
  2. If you have set the bottom language on the app, but the language has not been maintained when importing (adding), other languages cannot be imported successfully.
  • Import and export records: Click View records, you can view all the import and export records of the library, and also support downloading import and export files.
    App Knowledge Management

Searching for knowledge entries

You can search for a knowledge entry based on language, whether it is an FAQ, its status, creation/update/release time, and knowledge ID or keyword.

Step4: Knowledge base information management

  • Edit: Click Edit, you can edit the created knowledge base again, including the name of the knowledge base, applied app, language, display language, and the bottom language on the app.
    App Knowledge Management
    App Knowledge Management

  • Delete: Click Delete, all the knowledge in the library will be deleted. Please proceed with caution.