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Tencent Xiaowei

Last Updated on : 2022-01-25 03:59:43download

This topic introduces the requirements for the OEM app to connect with third-party voice speakers.

Device support

Firstly, please check the device whether support the recent Xiaowei, as shown below, in the Product > My Products, you could confirm it.

Tencent Xiaowei

If your device doesn’t support it, you could click the Value-added Services > Smart Speaker to apply the Tencent XiaoWei Access function.

App support

If your device supports the Tencent Xiaowei, please choose it on the left side, and sign in the skill name on the right side. (If you use the official skill, the name you could sign in with the Smart Life. If you customize your own brand skill, you could sign in its name.

Tencent Xiaowei

Displayed on the mobile app

With the above steps completed, please re-build your app. After the app is finished, you could scan the QR Code on the page to download and see the effect. When the function is on, Tencent Xiaowei would show more service on the app page, as shown below.

Tencent Xiaowei