Wi-Fi Lock FAQs

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This topic guides you through FAQs about Wi-Fi locks.


What app services does Tuya provide?

A dozen of services are available, such as OEM App, app launch, OEM app update, app mall, Siri access, Widget access, and Apple Watch access.

Can the app use my company’s style and logo?

Yes. You can use the OEM App.


What should I do if the network status is reset to a low-power state after multiple power outages?

After the device is connected during the first pairing, wait a few seconds for power off. After the interaction is completed during the power supply process, you can set the network status to 3 (meaning to connect to the router) and then cut off the power. It is more reliable to adopt a timeout mechanism.

What should I do if the device cannot be paired?

  1. Check whether the door lock uses a Wi-Fi protocol.

  2. Make sure that the steps on the app and door lock are correct and you follow the instructions.

  3. On the app, you can try switching the fast pairing mode (the indicator light blinks quickly) to the compatibility mode (the indicator light blinks slowly). Follow the instructions and perform operations on the device.

  4. Check whether the network works properly. Currently, only a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network is supported.

  5. If the pairing still fails, you can move the router closer to the door lock.

  6. You can pull the log data and connect the user I/O ports.

  7. If a paired device is removed and cannot be connected to the network, check whether the product ID (PID) exists and whether the number of data points (DPs) exceeds 30.

Temporary passwords

Why does the system prompted that an unknown temporary password was used for unlocking? How to show the password name?

Wi-Fi: +900 mechanism. In order to save space, the password is sent in the form of x − 900. Therefore, add 900 to the number, in order to show the name of the unlocking password during data reporting.

A maximum of 10 passwords can be sent. What if I create 8 passwords to be sent, delete 2 passwords, and then create 5 more passwords?

You need to know the conversions between states. The 10 passwords refer to valid ones, including those that have not taken effect, are to be sent, in use, and to be deleted. If a password expires or is deleted, it becomes invalid.

Why does the effective time included in the sent DP deviate from the local time by 8 hours?

The Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is used.

Why cannot I find the temporary password data?

For security reasons, restrictions have been specially made. We recommend that you should not view the plain text password. Once you create a password on the app, you cannot get the password from the server. You can name the password content when available.

The password needs to be synchronized every time before unlocking. What should I do if the door is not opened for a long time?

Logically for efficiency, the door can be opened first, and the password is synchronized later. Voice reminders can be considered for new passwords.

What are the functions of the Tuya serial number, server serial number, and door lock manufacturer number in the temporary password?

  1. Tuya serial number: the serial number of the specified temporary password stored by the Tuya platform, so that the platform can store data logic.

  2. Server serial number: used to record the number of content data changes of the temporary password number, including changes in non-password data such as start and end time, as well as password name.

  3. Door lock manufacturer number: the serial number of the specified temporary password stored in the door lock. This value is used to display the serial number of the unlocking records of the temporary password.

Dynamic passwords

Why cannot I open the door with a dynamic password?

  1. Check whether the local time of the door lock is correct, and whether the real-time clock (RTC) works properly.

  2. A dynamic password is valid for five minutes. Check whether the password was obtained within the last 5 minutes.

  3. Perform another device pairing operation and try again.

  4. If the issue persists after you troubleshoot the local clock, provide your virtual ID and contact Tuya’s field application engineers (FAEs).

Remote unlocking

Why can I see a remote unlocking request notification only after I open the door lock app?

On the Tuya Developer Platform, you can add an alert to the PID of this Wi-Fi door lock. If you do not find the alert settings feature under your account, your account level might not meet the requirements. Contact business or operations staff to upgrade your account.

After a remote unlocking request was reported, I unlocked the door, but the MCU did not receive the sent command. Why?

DP 49 and DP 50 are used together. After the device is paired for the first time, DP 49 shall be reported as a failure. The cloud will issue a command containing a key. After receiving it, the MCU will store the key content and reply with DP 49. When you open the door on the app panel, the cloud will send DP 50. The MCU compares the key content of DP 50 with the locally stored key and replies based on the actual results.

In addition, cloud keys are updated regularly. Any time the door lock receives the DP 49 sent by the cloud, the local key shall be updated and stored.

Alert push notification

Why can the alert only be triggered once?

This depends on the settings of level triggering and edge triggering.

How to transmit alert data? Why did not the door lock respond?

The alert DP starts from 00.

Can the alert be pushed to the unlocking record interface?

Currently, navigating to the unlock record list of a certain product is not supported. You can only navigate to the device panel.

Why is an alert not triggered?

  1. Check whether the DP of triggering the alert is reported as expected. You can enter the device ID on the Device Details page of the Tuya Developer Platform to find out more.

  2. Check the app settings and whether the phone permission settings are turned on.

How to use the duress alarm feature on the smart door lock app?

Perform the following steps:

  1. The door lock already has an active fingerprint or password, numbered X.

  2. Open the app, assign the X number to a username in the member management center, and then mark the number X as a duress alarm.

  3. Use this X unlocking method on the door lock to open the door once.

  4. Check the events in the duress alarm records on the app.

What is the difference between the alerts on the app panel and the alert push notifications in the notification bar of their phones after exiting the app?

The alerts on the app panel can only be displayed after the MCU reports the DPs. Regarding the alert push notifications in the notification bar of the mobile phone, you can set the alerts in the cloud configuration of the Tuya Developer Platform. Then, notify Tuya’s project manager for review before the push notifications can be sent. In addition, enable message push permissions. Tuya Cloud matches scene linkage rules to send push notifications. That is, match and determine whether the DPs reported by the MCU meet the linkage requirements.

Unlocking records

Why cannot I find the unlocking records?

Go to the Tuya Developer Platform, choose Product > Device Details, enter the device ID, and check whether the unlocking record DP is reported in the logs. If there is a record in the log but not displayed on the app, feel free to contact Tuya’s project manager or FAE to resolve it. (When creating a product, the project manager needs to configure and activate backend record-type data). If this DP log does not exist in the backend, check the data transmission status. For example, check whether the data is reported correctly after the device is connected to the internet. The Wi-Fi networking mechanism has a 10-second timeout and a 2 to 3-second duration to get connected.

Why does the reported time not take effect but the network time is used?

If the local time exceeds the current time (illegal time), the server time is automatically uploaded.

How many items of unlocking records can be stored at most?

A Wi-Fi door lock can store up to 20 items of unlocking records.

OTA updates

How to configure the OTA updates of the Wi-Fi module, how to perform the update process, and what should I pay attention to?

Configure the OTA updates of the Wi-Fi module on the Tuya Developer Platform. After the configuration is completed, the prototypes in the allowlist need to be tested first. After passing the test, the firmware can be released for bulk OTA updates. Users can use the app to perform OTA updates of the Wi-Fi module that is built in the door lock.

Scene linkage

How to set scene linkage for Wi-Fi door lock?

  1. Open the Smart Life app, choose Scene > Automation > + in the top right corner. 2. Tap When device status changes and choose the target device. 3. On the Select Function page, choose the desired unlocking methods as a trigger condition. This condition can be Unlock with Fingerprint, Unlock with Code, or Unlock with Temporary Code. For example, you can set Unlock with Fingerprint = 3. This condition setting means that when the fingerprint numbered 3 is used to unlock the door lock, the trigger condition is met. After setting the trigger conditions, you can set an action.**

Note: Different unlocking numbers actually correspond to different users. Therefore, people can be distinguished based on different unlocking numbers. Specified linkage events can be executed depending on the user who opens the door.

In an app built after the second half of 2019, Wi-Fi door locks provide a linkage feature called Family Member Going Home. Users do not need to configure a specific unlock ID, but only select the home members. How-to: Open the Smart Life app, choose Scene > Automation > + in the top right corner, and tap Family Member Going Home.

After the smart lock is configured with scene linkage on the app, it can only be used for the first time. Why is it invalid after that?

  1. Confirm that the door lock is online.

  2. Check whether the app is Smart Life or OEM app.

  3. Check whether the linkage scene is configured correctly on the app, and the condition used is whether the door is opened or unlocked with fingerprint, password, or card.

  4. If the above settings are correct, trigger the door lock according to the specified trigger condition of the scene linkage. After the new unlocking record is reported on the app, you can query the value of the trigger condition in the record. If the value is correct, proceed to the next item.

  5. Contact Tuya’s project manager to change the triggering method of the specified DP to level triggering on the platform.

Online or offline status

Why is the Wi-Fi door lock shown as offline on the app?

  1. Check whether your mobile phone is connected to the network and try refreshing the page.

  2. The power consumption type of the product does not match. You need to choose a low-power device. In principle, Wi-Fi door locks are low-power devices and do not go offline. The online or offline status is displayed on the app.

Why is my Wi-Fi door lock displayed as always online?

To achieve low power consumption, the Wi-Fi module of the non-keep-alive Wi-Fi door lock is usually powered off. The platform does not check whether the door lock is offline or online, so the app always shows that the door lock is online.