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Wi-Fi Lock FAQ

Last Updated on : 2022-03-02 02:05:49download

App related

What services does Tuya provide in terms of App?

OEM App, App Upload Service, OEM App Update Service, App Mall Service, Siri Access Service, Widget Access Service, Apple Watch Access Service, and more.

Can I use the design style and logo of my company for the App?

Yes. You can use the OEM App.

Network related

What if the network state is reset to a low power state after multiple power outages?

The first time the network pairing, you need to wait for a few seconds to power off the device after successful networking.

In the process of power supply interaction, it is recommended to complete the network state to 3 connected to the router, and then power off, do timeout mechanism so more reliable.

What should I do if the product is not connected to the network?

  1. Confirm that the door lock uses Wi-Fi protocol.

  2. Make sure the operation steps on the App and door lock are correct and follow the instructions.

  3. You can try to switch the network mode, switch from fast network mode (indicator light flashing) to compatible mode (indicator light flashing slowly) in the App, and synchronize the operation with the device (see the manual for device operation).

  4. Check whether the network is normal, only 2.4G Wi-Fi is supported at present.

  5. If you still cannot match the network, you can try to put the router closer to the door lock.

  6. There is nothing that pulling logs can’t solve, if so, then put the user serial port together.

  7. If you can’t get on the network, please confirm whether the PID exists and whether the DP data exceeds 30.

Temporary password related

Why does it show an unknown temporary password to open the door? How to display the password name?

Wi-Fi: +900 mechanism, the embedded distribution is x-900 in order to save storage costs, so when the door lock is reported to show the password name to open the door, you need to report the number +900.

What if I create 8 groups to be sent, delete 2 groups, and create 5 groups?

Understand the conversion between states. 10 refers to unexpired passwords: not valid + pending distribution + in use + pending deletion. Expired or Deleted - Expired.

Why is the valid time of the downlink incorrect, 8 hours different from the local time?

The time format is Greenwich time.

Why can’t I see the data for the temporary password?

This is a deliberate restriction for security purposes, it is not recommended to view plaintext passwords, and the App cannot get the password from the server once it has been created. We have spent a lot of effort to make this feature. The user can name when named into the password content.

Every time we synchronize and then open the door, it takes a long time to open the door in time, what should we do?

The logic for efficiency, can open the door and then synchronize, to be deleted more than once open. New password no good way, consider voice alert.

What is the role of the Tuya serial number, server serial number, and door lock manufacturer number in the temporary password?

  1. Tuya serial number: Tuya platform stored a temporary password number, used for the platform to store data logic. 2.

  2. Server-side serial number: Used to record the number of content data changes (including changes in non-password data such as start and end times, password names, etc.) for the temporary password number.

  3. Door lock vendor number: the temporary password number stored in the door lock, the temporary password to open the door record number display using this value.

Dynamic password related

Why can’t I open the door with a dynamic password?

  1. Is the local time of the door lock correct, check if the RTC clock is normal.

  2. The dynamic password is valid for 5 minutes, please make sure the password is obtained within the last 5 minutes.

  3. it is recommended to try to re-network the device and retry again after re-networking.

  4. If the local clock problem is ruled out and still cannot be resolved, please provide the virtual ID and contact your FAE colleagues.

Remote door opening related

Why is the notification of remote door opening request not obvious and not visible in the App screen without opening the door lock?

You can add “alert” to the PID of this Wi-Fi door lock on the Tuya IoT Platform. If there is no “Alarm Settings” function under your account, the level of your developer account may not meet the requirements, so contact your account manager to upgrade your account.

Why did the MCU not receive the command to open the lock after the remote door request was reported?

DP 49 and DP 50 are used together, when the device is first mated, it needs to report DP 49 as a failure, then the cloud will send a command with a key, and the MCU will receive the key content and reply to DP 49. The MCU compares the key content of DP 50 with the local stored key and replies according to the actual result.

In addition: The cloud key will be updated periodically, so if you receive DP 49 from the cloud at any time, you need to update the local key and store it.

Alarm pushing related

Why alarm can only be triggered once?

Continuous and edge settings, the door being opened DP works well

How do I pass alarm data? Why is it not responding?

The alarm DP starts at 00.

Can the alarm push go to the unlock record screen?

No, it doesn’t support jumping to the unlock record list of a product, only to the device panel.

Why the alarm is not triggered?

  1. The first check whether the alarm DP is successfully reported, you can check it by entering the device id in Tuya IoT Platform - Operation - Device Management.

  2. App settings, whether the phone permission settings are turned on.

How to use the “Hijack Alarm” function on the Smart Door Lock App?

The operation of this function is as follows.

  1. There is a fingerprint or password in use on the lock, number X.

  2. Open the door lock App interface, and in the Member Management Center, assign the X number to a user name, and then mark the X number as a hijack alarm.

  3. Use the X unlock method on the door lock to open the door once.

  4. Check the corresponding event in Alarm - Hijacking Alarm Log on the App.

What is the difference between the alarms in the App panel and the alarms that I receive in the notification bar after I exit the App?

The alarm in the App panel is reported directly by DP, MCU must report it by itself to display. The alarms received in the notification bar of the cell phone after logging out of the App need to be set up by the customer in the cloud configuration of the Tuya IoT Platform, and then notify the Tuya project manager for review and approval before pushing, and the customer needs to open the relevant message push permission (the alarm push is done by the Tuya cloud to match the linkage rules of the scenario, i.e. to match the reported DP points of the customer MCU). (whether the DP points reported by customer MCU meet the linkage)

Open door record related

Why is there no open door record?

Firstly, enter the device id in Tuya IoT Platform - Operation - Device Management and confirm that the device log has the relevant door opening record DP reported, if the record is not shown in the App, please contact Tuya Project Manager or FAE to solve. (Background record type data opening, the project manager needs to configure when creating the product). If the background does not have this DP log, then go check the data sent, whether there is correct data reported after networking. Wi-Fi networking mechanism, 10 seconds timeout, 2-3 seconds networking time.

Why does the reported time not take effect and become network time?

If the local time exceeds the current time (illegal time), the server time is automatically uploaded.

What is the maximum number of open records stored?

Wi-Fi 20 records.

OTA related

How to configure the Wi-Fi module OTA for Wi-Fi door lock in the backend, how does the upgrade process work, and what are the considerations?

The OTA of the Wi-Fi module needs to be configured in the backend of Turow. After the configuration is completed, you need to test the prototype in the white list first, and the firmware can be released for batch OTA only after the test is passed. For OTA operation, users can perform OTA on the Wi-Fi module of the door lock through the App.

Scene linkage related

How to set up scene linkage for Wi-Fi door locks?

Tuya Smart App - Smart - Automation - Add (upper right corner “+”) - Add condition - Device - Select the name of the device to be operated, and in the “Select Function” screen, you can set In the “Select Function” screen, you can set “Fingerprint Unlock”, “Normal Password Unlock”, “Temporary Password Unlock” and other unlocking methods as trigger conditions, such as “Fingerprint Unlock = 3”. This condition means that the trigger condition is satisfied when the fingerprint with the number 3 appears on the hardware of the door lock to unlock the door. After setting the trigger condition, you can set the execution action.

Note: Because different unlocking codes actually correspond to different users. So you can use different unlock codes to distinguish different people, so that “different people open the door and execute different linked events”.

After the second half of 2011, the app provides the “family home” linkage function in the Wi-Fi door lock, and users do not need to configure the specific unlock id when configuring automation. Just select it for the user. Operation path: Tuya Smart App - Smart - Automation - Add (+ in the upper right corner) - Devices - Select the name of the device to be operated - Select family nickname.

What is the reason for the smart lock to configure the scene linkage in the App, only the first time is available, after that it is invalid?

  1. Make sure the door lock device is connected to the Internet.

  2. Confirm whether the App version is from Tuya Smart or the customer OEM. 3.

  3. Confirm that the linkage scenario configured in the App is correct: whether the condition is “door opened” or “fingerprint/password/room card”.

  4. If the above settings are correct, trigger the door lock according to the triggering conditions set in the scenario, and then check the value of the triggering conditions in the record when you see the new door opening record on the App, if the value is also correct, please check the next one.

  5. In Tuya IoT Platform, Product Management - Function Point Configuration, change the triggering method of the corresponding DP to “Continuous Trigger” (please contact Tuya account manager to modify).

Online and offline related

Wi-Fi door lock, why is it shown as offline in the app?

  1. Make sure the phone network is connected properly, try to refresh the page.

  2. Product information power consumption type does not match, need to select low power consumption device. In principle Wi-Fi door lock is a low-power device, there is no offline situation (online/offline status is not shown on the App).

Why does the Wi-Fi door lock show always online?

Because for non-warranty Wi-Fi door lock for low power consumption usually in Wi-Fi module power-off state, the platform will not determine offline online, so the App will always show the online status.