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Panel-ralated questions

Q1. What are the data refresh rules on the energy monitoring page?


  • When you enter the page of Energy Monitoring, the system will query the current real-time energy parameters of the device and refresh them; if you stay on page, the system will refresh the data every 5 seconds.
  • If you do not stay on the page, the device will report the data according to the actual situation. In order to avoid circuit interference or frequent reporting due to small-scale fluctuations in the power consumption of the electrical equipment itself, the current voltage threshold is set.
Judgment basis for device reporting Mechanism
Detection period
  • Uniform: Long interval: 30s. Short interval: 5s.
  • If no change is found during the interval, the interval will change into a long one. If it changes, the interval will change into a short one.
Change rate threshold
  • Voltage change: 2%, or power change: 20% by default.
  • Current change: Ignored.
Low-power processing mechanism When the real-time power is less than 20w and the absolute value of the power change exceeds 3w, the data is reported.

Q2. How long can the energy monitoring data be stored?

A2: You can query the monitoring data with different frequencies. The time length varies depending on the frenquency.

  • For monthly data. You can view it for one year.
  • For daily data. You can view it for one year.
  • For hourly data. You can view it for seven days.

Hardware-related questions

Q1: ​​What is the general error range of power parameters?

A1: After the device has been calibrated during the production test process, the error range of the power and current is generally within 3% to 5%. For details, see spefications of metering chips.

Q2: Does the electricity statistics measure the total loop energy consumption or is it divided?

A2: The current no-code development is to measure the total power of the entire circuit, For example, the energy monitoring data of the multi-way power strip is the data from the entire circuit.

Q2: Is the energy monitoring data reported by the device each time the increased data from last time or the culmulative total data?

A3: Most devices with the protocol of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi bluetooth LE report the increased data from last time. Devices with the protocol of Zigbee report the cumulative total power. The panel will calculate and display the total energy monitoring data of the current day and current month.