Available Modules

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For the energy monitoring socket (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE) with a dual-mode solution, you can select the following modules. You can select modules according to the product structure, size, and PCB layout space. Taking into account the socket layout and size, the 2 series in-line modules (such as WB2S and WBR2) are most often adopted.

Communication protocol Module model Module package Antenna type Module information reference
Wi-Fi+Bluetooth WB2S In-line Onboard antenna WB2S Module Datasheet
Wi-Fi+Bluetooth WB3S Attached Onboard antenna WB3S Module Datasheet
Wi-Fi+Bluetooth WBR2 In-line Onboard antenna WBR2 Module Datasheet
Wi-Fi+Bluetooth WBR3 Attached Onboard antenna WBR3 Module Datasheet