Zigbee Lock FAQ

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Product development related

How to choose firmware? What is the difference?

There are two firmware options for Zigbee home door lock: UART wake-up and GPIO wake-up. Zigbee apartment door lock currently has only UART wake-up firmware available.

  • UART wake-up firmware: the module wakes up the MCU by sending a wake-up command through the serial port

  • GPIO wake-up firmware: before sending serial data, the module will output a low signal to wake up the MCU through GPIO port (PWM1 on the module, the default setting for the internal pull-up state, pull down 10ms effective. 100ms after the end of serial communication, the module goes to sleep again). The module will still send a wake-up command and the MCU needs to respond in order to let the module know that the MCU is awake.

App related

What services does Tuya provide regarding App?

OEM App, App Upload Service, OEM App Update Service, App Mall Service, Siri Access Service, Widget Access Service, and Apple Watch Access Service.

Can I use my own company style and logo for the App?

Yes, you can use the [OEM App](https://developer.tuya.com/en/docs/iot/app-development/oem-app/oem-app-instruction/oem-app-instruction? id=K9kjw3q2udb9y)

Gateway Related

What is the communication distance between Zigbee smart lock and gateway?

The communication distance can be up to 20 meters indoors without a physical wall, and the recommended distance for stable use is within 15 meters, which may be closer if there is a thicker physical wall between.

Why the self-developed Zigbee door lock cannot connect to the self-developed Zigbee gateway?

  1. Try to restart the door lock and the gateway, whether it can be connected.
  2. Confirm whether the signal is normal, you can try to bring the distance between the gateway and the door lock closer.
  3. Confirm the firmware version: the Zigbee door lock with the module firmware version before 1.0.7 has this problem, you need to reset the gateway to solve it.
  4. If the above reasons are ruled out, you need to check the channel to ensure that the gateway and the device are on the same channel.

Network related

What if the Zigbee door lock is not connected to the network?

  1. Make sure the door lock is Zigbee’s version.
  2. Make sure the operation steps are correct and follow the instructions.
  3. If you still can’t get it to work, check if the gateway matches. Model 01 and 02n can be matched with self-research Zigbee door lock, the gateway firmware version requires 1.1.9 or later. The gateway model 02 can not match the self-developed Zigbee door lock.
  4. If all the above problems are solved, but still can’t be networked successfully, please try to move the gateway closer to the door lock to make sure the wireless communication is normal (within 5 meters and no blocking objects).

    Note: If you are using a door lock branded by Zhijia, the Zigbee module on the early products may not be self-developed but from Ruiying.

How to distinguish the online or offline Zigbee door lock?

After the Zigbee door lock is wired, if the Zigbee network is reliable and the connection from the Zigbee gateway to the server is stable, the Zigbee door lock will always be online. In the online state, if the App (server) wants to send a command to the gate lock, the gate lock will receive it within 5s normally, but there will be a certain delay (not more than 30s) if the network state is bad, and if it cannot be sent to the hardware for more than 30s, it will fail to send. When the Zigbee gateway suddenly goes offline (power failure, network disconnection), the Zigbee door lock will immediately follow the offline, if the gateway comes back online, the Zigbee door lock will also immediately resume networking. If the Zigbee door lock itself is disconnected from the network (the door lock loses power, or the network is disconnected due to a bad signal), the door lock will show offline on the app for no more than 5 minutes at most, and if the door lock is re-charged with batteries, or if a door opening operation is performed, the door lock will be back online immediately if the network is reliable.

Temporary password-related

What is the principle of a temporary password?

A temporary password is a password with a time limit. After it is created by the App, it is sent from the server to the lock hardware and the lock stores the password and expiration date on the device. Once stored, unless you receive an instruction to delete or modify it. Otherwise, it is executed according to the time limit created - creation, deletion, modification, all rely on the network.

What is the maximum number of temporary passwords that can be added to a Zigbee door lock?

Up to 30 groups.

The temporary password function of the Zigbee door lock does not work?

If the temporary password function is not available.

  1. The hardware itself does not support it, the version of the hardware is too old to support the temporary password function at that time, and this batch of products cannot be upgraded through OTA.
  2. Incompatible between the gateway and the device, Ruiying gateway with a self-research door lock, in this case, the function of the door lock will be limited can not be used normally, self-research Zigbee module door lock needs to be used with self-research Zigbee gateway.
  3. The firmware version of the self-research gateway is too low, below 1.1.9. if this is the case, please OTA the gateway.

If the temporary password does not work.

  1. Confirm whether the temporary password is configured successfully (check the password status in the password list).
  2. Verify that the password is in effect.
  3. Check whether the Zigbee network is normal, whether the door opening record can be reported normally, whether the remote door opening command is sent normally, and whether the dynamic password to open the door is available. If all such functions do not work properly, please re-wire the door lock.
  4. If the configuration is normal but still not working properly, please provide the virtual ID and contact technical support.

The temporary password keeps being created, what should I do?

The problem may be caused by an unstable wireless signal, or the page has not been refreshed after it has been created.

  1. On the password list page, scroll down to refresh the screen.
  2. If the password is still displayed as “being created” after several attempts, you can unplug the gateway, wait for 10 seconds, then plug it back in and see if the password is sent successfully within 1 minute.

What are the functions of the Tuya serial number, server serial number, and door lock vendor number in the temporary password?

  1. Tuya serial number: The number of the temporary password stored in the Tuya platform, which is used for the platform to store data logic.
  2. Server-side serial number: Used to record the number of content data changes (including changes in non-password data such as start and end times, password names, etc.) for the temporary password number.
  3. Door lock vendor number: the temporary password number stored in the door lock, the temporary password to open the door record number display using this value.

Why does the App prompt “Initializing information, please wait patiently, if it is not successful for a long time, please re-match the network” after removing ZigBee and re-matching the network?

After unbundling and clearing data on the App, the App will send a DP39 “clear temporary password” command, if the MCU does not reply, it will prompt initialization. At the same time, the MCU is required to report DP39 “Clear Temporary Password” to keep the same temporary password on both the local and App side after local factory settings are restored.

Why does the app keep showing “in progress” after creating a temporary password?

MCU did not reply or replied incorrectly, please refer to DP Explanation for details.

Dynamic password related

What is the principle of dynamic password?

Dynamic passwords are temporary passwords that do not rely on the network, and the solution relies on an algorithm; the App (third-party interface) asks Tuya’s server for the current dynamic password for a door lock, and when the lock receives a password that appears to be a dynamic password, it submits the password to Tuya’s module, along with the current time and administrator password. The module receives the current time and the administrator password combines them with the initial secret key saved by the module itself and compares the password obtained after the operation with the password entered by the user. If the comparison passes, the module tells the MCU to open the door; if the comparison fails, the door is rejected.

How to distinguish between the dynamic password and normal password?

Dynamic passwords are usually 8-digit passwords, while normal passwords are often 6-digit passwords.

Why dynamic passwords generated before and after some time periods are both able to open the door?

The cloud and the module will generate dynamic passwords at each xx:x0, xx:x5 such minutes, and the dynamic password generated at xx:x0 is valid from xx:x0 to xx:x9, while the dynamic password generated at xx:x5 is valid from xx:x5 to xx:(x+1)4, so both dynamic passwords are valid from xx:x5 to xx:x9. resulting in both being able to unlock the door.

Remote door opening related

Why there is no remote door opening function for Zigbee lock?

  1. The hardware itself does not support, the hardware version is too old at that time does not support the remote door opening function, this batch of products can not be upgraded through OTA.
  2. incompatible between the gateway and the device, Ruiying gateway with a self-research door lock, the door lock function will be limited in this case can not be used properly, self-research Zigbee module door lock needs to be used with self-research Zigbee gateway.
    If the firmware version of the self-research gateway is too low, below 1.1.9, please OTA the gateway.

How the password-free remote door unlocking work?

DP48 and DP49 are used together. When you set remote door opening as unencrypted under the App setting bar, you will send DP48 command with key, and the door lock needs to reply, then when the App operates remote door opening, it will send DP49 (similar to DP40 before), and the door lock will judge whether the key attached to DP49 is the same as the key attached to DP48. If the verification is successful, the door will be opened and DP49 will be replied to, and then DP22, DP38, and DP41 will be replied.

Note: The report of DP22 in the new security-free door opening must be reported in record type.

Alarm pushing related

How to use the “Hijack Alarm” function on the smart lock app?

This function works as follows.

  1. There is a fingerprint or password in use on the door lock, number X.
  2. Open the door lock App interface, and in the Member Management Center, assign the X number to a user name, and then mark the X number as a hijack alarm.
  3. Use the X unlock method on the door lock to open the door once.
  4. Check the corresponding event in Alarm - Hijacking Alarm Log on the App.

What is the difference between the alarms in the App panel and the alarms that I receive in the notification bar after I exit the App?

The alarm in the App panel is reported directly by DP, MCU must report it by itself to display. The alarms received in the notification bar of the cell phone after the App exit requires the customer to set the alarms in the cloud configuration of the Developer Platform, and then notify the Tuya project manager for review and approval before pushing, and the customer needs to open the relevant message push permission (the alarm push is done by the Tuya IoT to match the linkage rules of the scenario, i.e. to match the reported (whether the DP meets the linkage).

Open door record related

Why the door opening record is not displayed?

  1. It is possible that the data is filtered out by the gateway due to the duplicate serial number reported by MCU, so MCU should report the serial number +1 each time.
  2. You need to confirm with the project manager of Tuya whether to open the background statistics function.

Power display related

Why does the power display keep showing 0 after Zigbee is successfully connected?

  1. Make sure the battery is brand new.

  2. Power up again, and the app will get the power again.

  3. Open the door once and the power data will be reported again.

    The phenomenon is more likely that the door lock did not successfully obtain the battery voltage locally, which usually does not affect the use.

Restore factory settings related

App restore factory settings, Zigbee door lock should be reconnected, but why it can be opened for a period of time with the temporary password?

It takes 40~60 seconds to be sent to the door lock, and the door lock receives the data and clears the temporary password, so you can still use the temporary password to open the door before this time.

OTA related

What are the considerations for OTA of Zigbee door lock?

OTA for the Zigbee module needs to be configured in the Tuya backend. After the configuration is completed, you need to test the prototype in the whitelist first, and only after the test is passed can the firmware be released for batch OTA. when performing OTA operation, users can perform OTA operation on the Zigbee module of the door lock through the App, and after the OTA is completed, you need to pay attention to re-matching the hardware of the door lock. The correct steps are

  1. After the OTA is completed, restore the factory settings of the device on the App.
  2. re-network the door lock.
  3. Verify that all functions are normal after the network is completed, and if there is any problem, please re-network.

Note: Zigbee module upgrade from 1.0.x to 1.1.1 requires re-networking.  After 1.1.1 and onwards, OTA to higher versions does not require re-networking. The reason for the rewiring is that the baseline of the Zigbee module has been upgraded.

Note: Zigbee firmware version 1.0.7 is not available for OTA.

Scene linkage related

How to set up Zigbee door lock and configure scene linkage. What is the best practice for my users to use the lock? For example, if someone is back home, how to trigger different scene linkage?

  1. you can use it the same way as a Wi-Fi door lock.
  2. Use the “door is opened” function. Follow the same steps as Wi-Fi door lock in Tuya Smart App - Smart - Automation - Add (top right corner “+”) - Add Condition - Device - Select the name of the device you want to operate, and in the "Select Function In the “Select Function” screen, select the function point “Door is opened” and configure the action to be performed. The meaning of this function point is that the condition is satisfied as long as the door is unlocked once from the outside.
  3. Use the “Family Home” function. Tuya Smart App - Smart - Automation - Add (top right corner “+”) - Automation - Add Condition - Family Home (note that this option will only appear if your home has a Zigbee door lock), select the name of the device to be operated, select the name of the user to be judged as the Select the name of the device to be operated and the name of the user to be judged (if the user list is empty, go to the member management screen of the Zigbee door lock to add members).

Online and offline related

Why does the Zigbee door lock often appear offline on the app?

  1. Check the distance between the door lock and the gateway, the recommended distance is within 15 meters (no wall barrier).
  2. Check whether the network connected to the gateway is stable.
  3. Open the door lock with fingerprint or password several times, whether each time the door record can appear in the App smoothly, if the record sometimes can come up, sometimes can not come up, the probability is that the network environment is poor, the distance is far and other reasons caused by a poor signal. If the record can come up every time, please try the next item.
  4. If the success rate is low, the basic judgment is that the network itself is unstable. If you really can’t rule out the cause, please see the next item.
  5. Provide the virtual ID/device ID of the device and contact Tuya technical support engineer for support, check the log of the gateway, and see the network signal of the device.