Pre-defined Friendly Names

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This topic describes the voice interaction configuration solutions of Amazon Alexa. These solutions apply to smart devices built based on Tuya’s product development process.

Pre-defined friendly name

Amazon Alexa supports a series of common friendly names developed and trained for specific voice capabilities. If you set friendly names for custom capabilities and set mode value name or preset level name, you can select one or more pre-defined friendly names provided by Alexa. All pre-defined friendly names are available in 15 languages.


We recommend that you use the pre-defined friendly names provided by Alexa.

  • These names are trained by Alexa and can be accurately recognized by devices, sparing you from testing.
  • Alexa supports 15 languages, which frees you from laborious translation work. For example, if you select Camera from the drop-down list of Pre-defined Friendly Names, the names in other supported languages are all available. You do not need to translate these names into other supported languages.

Supported languages

Alexa supports custom friendly names in 15 languages, including:

  • English (AU)
  • English (CA)
  • English (UK)
  • English (IN)
  • English (US)
  • German (GE)
  • Spanish (ES)
  • Spanish (MX)
  • Spanish (US)
  • French (FR)
  • French (CA)
  • Hindi (IN)
  • Italian (IT)
  • Japanese (JP)
  • Portuguese (BR)

Custom friendly name

If the pre-defined names are not suitable for your devices, or these names cannot meet your demand, you can specify your own friendly names.

In the Custom Friendly Name drawer that appears, you can define up to three friendly names for each language. For example, a capability with the pre-defined name camera also supports Japanese (JP) and French (FR). You can set up to three custom friendly names to represent camera in these supported languages.

Application scope

You can set only custom friendly names, or set custom friendly names alongside pre-defined friendly names. You can use any or both naming rules as needed without limitations.

Unavailable reserved words

Do not use any of the following reserved words as friendly names. Otherwise, the voice control feature cannot work properly.

English German (GE) Spanish French (CA) French (FR) Italian (IT) Japanese (JP) Portuguese (BR)
day Tag día jour Journée giorno 曜日 dia
timer Timer timer alarme Minuterie cronometro タイマー cronômetro
music Musik música musique Musique musica 音楽 música
alarm Alarm alarma alarme Alarme sveglia アラーム alarme
alarms Alarme alarmas alarmes Alarmes svegliei アラーム alarmes
all alarms Alle Alarme todas las alarmas Toutes les alarmes Toutes les alarmes sveglie アラームをすべて todos alarmes
playing Wiedergabe jugando jouer Jouant suonando 再生 jogando
away mode Away modus modo ausente mode vacances Mode d’absence modalitá fuori casa 退席中モード modo de afastado
way f. m. Way f.m. radio f.m. way FM Façon f.m. way f.m Way F.M. modo FM
sleep sounds Schlafklänge sonidos para dormir bruits du sommeil Sons de sommeil suoni del sonno スリープサウンド sons de dormir
drop in Drop in drop in passé voir Déposer dans dropin ドロップイン apareça
today in music AktuelleMusik hoy en música aujourd’hui en musique Aujourd’hui en musique oggi in musica Today in Music música de hoje
night light Nacht licht luz de noche veilleuse Veilleuse luce notturna 夜間照明 luz noturna
camera Kamera cámara caméra Caméra camera カメラ câmera
do not disturb Nicht stören No molestar ne pas déranger Ne pas déranger non disturbare おやすみモード não perturbe
volume Lautstärke volumen volume Volume volume ボリューム volume
bass Bass bajo basse Basse basso 低音 grave
treble Höhen agudos aigü Treble voce bianca 高音 agudo
time Uhrzeit tiempo heure Temps ora 時間 tempo
day Datum fecha date Date data 日付 data
date Heutiges Datum decha de hoy date d’aujourd’hui Date d’aujourd’hui data di oggi 今日の日付 data de hoje
date today Benachrichtigung notificación notification Notification notifica 通知 notificação
today’s date


  1. Log in to the Tuya Developer Platform, and choose Product > Voice Platform > Voice Integration in the left-side navigation bar.

  2. Select a desired product, and click Configuration in the Operation column of the Alexa solution.

    Pre-defined Friendly Names

  3. On the Solution Configuration page, add a capability. Take a fan switch for example. You can add a custom capability in the toggle type. You can set the toggle name for the device.

    • Method 1: In Pre-defined Friendly Names, you can select Fan, Blower.

    • Method 2: You can also customize a friendly name for it, such as Electric fan. To improve recognition accuracy, you can set more synonyms.

      Pre-defined Friendly Names