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This topic describes the product pricing of the Data Analytics Platform.

Product Editions of Data Analytics Platform

Edition Validity Period Fee (USD) Monthly quota (USD) Reference RCU Reference storage space
Trial 1 month 0 5 200 RCU/hour 0.1 GB/day
Standard 1 year 3,300 330 16,000 RCU/hour 100 GB/day
Premium 1 year 8,250 825 40,000 RCU/hour 250 GB/day
Flagship 1 year 24,750 2,475 144,000 RCU/hour 1,000 GB/day


  • You can subscribe to the trial edition only once for one PID, with a validity period of one month. The quota of real-time computing units (RCU) is 200 RCU/hour. After exceeding the quota, the tasks will be suspended and can no longer be used.
  • The RCU and storage space here is just for your reference, not the actual usage. The actual usage depends on the actual situation.

Billing method

The Data Analytics Platform calculates the fee based on your actual resource usage every month. You will not be subject to additional fees within the monthly quota. Only the excess usage will be billed.

Edition Unit price of RCU (USD/RCU/hour) Unit price of data storage (USD/GB/day) Monthly quota (USD)
Trial 0.027 0.007 5
Standard 0.027 0.007 330
Premium 0.019 0.005 825
Flagship 0.016 0.004 2,475

Billing items

Resource category Billing item Description Billing formula
Data processing RCU The number of RCUs and the period consumed by users using data analytics services. For example, if 2 RCUs are used for 1 month, the fee is calculated as follows: unit price (USD/RCU/hour) × 2 × 24 × 30. Pay-as-you-go plan
Data storage Storage space The size of storage space and the period consumed by users using data analytics services. For example, if 1 GB of storage space is used for 1 month, the fee is calculated as follows: unit price (USD/GB/day) × 1 × 30. Pay-as-you-go plan


  • The storage space at the last minute of each day is calculated and counted as the storage usage for that day.
  • The RCU is billed according to natural hours, and less than one hour is billed as one hour. For example, if an RCU is only used for 10 minutes today, it will be billed as 1 RCU for 1 hour.
  • To run a task, you can select the amount of RCUs according to the task size. If 2 computing units are used, the fee for one hour of execution is 2 × unit price (USD/RCU/hour).

Billing example

Example 1

Currently, you have subscribed to the Standard Edition. You have 100,000 devices, and each device reports 300 items of data per day. After data analytics and processing, each device stores 10 MB of data per day. This amount of data requires 1 RCU, and the fee is as follows:

  • Monthly data processing fee: 4 RCU × 24 hours × 30 days × 0.027 USD/RCU/hour = USD77.76

  • Monthly data storage fee: 100,000 (devices) × (1 (MB) ÷ 1,000) × 30 days × 0.007 USD/GB/day = USD21

  • Total monthly fee = monthly data processing fee + monthly data storage fee = 77.76 + 21 = USD98.76

After USD330 is deducted from the monthly quota, you do not need to pay any more fees.