Content Management

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The content management module provides email templates that can improve your operational plans. You can apply each template to one or more operational plans.

Manage email template

Create email template

  1. Choose Content Management > Create Template. A dialog appears.

    Content Management

  2. In the Create Template dialog, select Compose Email in Editor or Import HTML File to create a template.

    Content Management
    • Compose email in editor
      You can use the email editor to customize the mail content, including button, divider, heading, HTML file, image, menu, and text.
      After configuring the email content, enter the email template name and click Create to complete the template creation.

      Content Management

    • Import HTML file

      Content Management

      The size of an HTML file must be no more than 1.8 MB.

View email template

  • Search: Support fuzzy search by template name.

    Content Management

  • Preview: Click Preview in the operation bar to preview the effect.

    Content Management

  • Edit: Click Edit in the operation bar to enter the editing page.

  • Delete: Click Delete in the operation bar, and click OK in the confirmation dialog to delete a specified template.

  • Export: Click Export to export this email template as an HTML file.