Quick Start in 5 Minutes

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This topic introduces how to use the IoT Console of Tuya Smart, and how to create products quickly.


Sign up as a developer

  1. Log in to Tuya Developer, and click Sign up at the top right corner to obtain a free account.

    Quick Start in 5 Minutes

    Note: The account that is registered in the above step has the highest permission. Keep your account properly to prevent the hardware products, apps, device operations or user data from being subject to security risks.

  2. After sign-up, you can use the account to log in to the IoT console. You can create and connect products now. Other functions are available after they are verified by the background system.

Complete enterprise certification

An enterprise account refers to the account registered on IoT console. And after filling in the relevant information of the enterprise, it passes the certification of Tuya Smart. At present, the new version of enterprise certification is mainly based on submitting business account.

Enterprise accounts that have completed Tuya Smart certification will have account rights and interests. For more details, visit Cloud Market.

For the specific operation process of enterprise certification, refer to the Enterprise certification process.

Select a category and create a product

Creating a product on the IoT Console is the first step to achieve intelligence.

  1. Click Create to register and create a product on Tuya Cloud, and generate the unique PID (product ID) of the product.

    Quick Start in 5 Minutes

  2. Choose a category. For example, choose a product category under Small Home Appliances, such as an air purifier. Click the icon, fill in the Product name, select the Net Pairing Mode, and then click OK.

Note: The selected product category is very important, which will affect the subsequent product functions and recommendations of the app panel. If the product category you need is not available, contact Tuya Smart to add it.

Quick Start in 5 Minutes

Define product functions

A datapoint (DP) is an abstract representation of product functions, and can be represented with different data types. For example, the simplest device Switch has two functions: enable and disable. Switch can be abstracted as a Boolean DP. 0 means that it is disabled, and 1 means that it is enabled.

A datapoint is the most important attribute of a product. The first step in product intelligence is to clarify product functions and create them one by one on the console. Subsequent MCU SDKs for embedded development and app control panels will be automatically generated based on product functions.

Quick Start in 5 Minutes

In the Standard Functions, Tuya IoT Console has set the Required datapoint according to the category you selected. At the same time, you can add the datapoint you need on the left side of the function selector.

If the standard datapoint cannot meet your product development needs, you can add Custom Functions and enable the required Cloud Functions.

Note: In the Standard Functions, you cannot delete the datapoint with the required mark. After the product enters the trial production stage or mass production stage, you cannot modify the datapoint any more.

Choose app panel style

Tuya Smart provides a variety of app control panel templates. You can also use free configuration templates to build and design product app control panels by yourself, and generate app control panels quickly.

The app control panel is the appearance of smart products. Currently, the IoT Console provides different styles of templates, which are displayed tiled according to the panel theme. You can choose a template according to style preferences and product functions after comprehensive consideration.

Quick Start in 5 Minutes

Recommended panel: You can configure rich visual components. Without programming, you can drag the components directly based on the recommended panels, and quickly generate an online personalized app panel. Click How to DIY UI panel? to view how to customize an online app panel quickly.

Free configuration template: You can configure different styles of components, colors, icons, and backgrounds for different product functions, in order to create a desired panel.

Development debug template: You can view the debugging log and use it when you are debugging the app. It is not recommended to release the template to users.

Some types of templates support standard functions and do not support custom functions. Consider this issue when you choose a template.

Note: You can configure the app panel with a Custom logo. However, you need to upgrade your account to the enterprise account before you can configure the panel with the Enterprise logo.

Create successfully

Use the selected template, and the product is created successfully. You can immediately scan the QR code with your mobile phone to use your product.

Quick Start in 5 Minutes

Note: You need to use the Scan function in Tuya Smart App to use the product. For more details, scan the QR code to download the Tuya Smart App.

Quick Start in 5 Minutes

Now, you can preview your products on your mobile phone, and use product features and panel styles.

Next steps

After you create a product, you can develop the product according to the following process.

  1. Define product functions
  2. Design app UI
  3. Configure hardware
  4. Cloud configuration
  5. Mass production
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