Set Custom Control Panel Theme

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Custom control panel theme allows you to personalize the style of the control panel to align with your brand identity. A range of items can be set to your preference, including screensaver, background, and above the fold (ATF).


  • Custom control panel theme applies to specific control panel solutions only. If you cannot see the configuration item, it means that the custom theme does not apply to your product.
  • The support for screensaver, background, and ATF varies depending on the control panel solutions. Refer to the actual results.


  • You have created at least one smart product on the Tuya Developer Platform. For more information, see Create Products.
  • You have finished the product function definition. For more information, see Product Functions.


This section walks you through how to select a theme and personalize it.

  1. Open the Product Development page on the Tuya Developer Platform.

  2. Choose a Control Panel product and click Develop.

  3. Click Device Interaction and choose Control Panel Theme.

  4. Select the correct screen size and click Select and Configure to start theme customization.

    Set Custom Control Panel Theme
  5. You can set the following items to your needs:

    • Background

    • Style

    • Screensaver

    • Text color

      Set Custom Control Panel Theme
  6. Then, click Save to finish the configuration.

    Set Custom Control Panel Theme