How to Meet the Needs of OEM Hardware

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If you are a manufacturer and need to produce OEM products for a brand, you need to cooperate with Tuya personnel to complete product operations. You can then view products for which modules can be purchased under your account and produce finished products. For more information, see OEM Product Introduction.

Advantages of promoting your products on Tuya IoT

  • High efficiency

    1. In combination with the Tuya Developer Platform, you can easily sell your developed smart products on Tuya Smart Site with detailed product information, including images, functions, parameters, etc.
    2. Your customers are able to customize their own products on Smart Site, where you can be more efficient to follow up on their needs and to purchase the modules for them.
  • Channel expansion to improve leads nurture

    Tuya Smart Site is a user-friendly e-commerce platform for you to easily share your store and product information, as well as be successful in social media marketing. It also allows you to directly chat with your customers online to solve any of their questions and to nurture your leads more efficiently.

Customer OEM product management

Product search

  1. You can view your customers and their products information via tuya Developer Platform - Product - IoTOS-Development-Customer Products. The OEM tag on the bottom right corner of the product image represents that the product is customized.
    How to Meet the Needs of OEM Hardware

  2. Click a product image to get its overview, where you will find the product is in MP by default. You can also reach to its basic product information, linked voice assistants, functions, panel design, and more.
    How to Meet the Needs of OEM Hardware

Customer OEM requirement management

Message notification and requirement management

You will receive an SMS or email notification, depending on your account type, if your customer has submitted any OEM development requirements that can be viewed on the product overview page, and you are allowed to directly communicate with your customers by entering the requirement management page, as shown below:

How to Meet the Needs of OEM Hardware

Online requirement communication

On the requirement management page, you can directly chat with your customers to get to know and to evaluate their requirements.

How to Meet the Needs of OEM Hardware

Final product order management

You can directly purchase the module on Customer Products or place an order in the Purchase Module. There is no need to contact Tuya staff to assist in operating the associated factory or contact the customer to Authorize to Other Factories in the Authorization Management.

How to Meet the Needs of OEM Hardware

How to Meet the Needs of OEM Hardware