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Label Printing Tool

Last Updated on : 2022-03-02 03:55:38download


SN label is a unique identification code for Tuya production. This topic describes the label printing methods and tools. Tuya Printing Tool supports factory PC client printing and web page online printing, which is suitable for most production scenarios in smart factories.

Upgrade preparation

  • Trial edition of project service automation solution capabilities.
  • The Lenovo label printing tool BTWHelperLenovoSetup on the PC has been installed.


Perform the following steps:

See Tool Account Application to apply for a tool account.

  1. Prepare for printing
    Get ready to submit a ticket. After a ticket is submitted, Tuya’s process staff will bind the required template and configure the requested number of MAC and IMEI.

  2. Make the label
    Virtual printing does not require the template and connection to the printer.
    To print a physical label, make the label.

  3. Print multiple labels in the same task
    After a ticket is submitted and a label template is bound, printing in bulk is allowed. You can request the SN in PMS and start virtual printing or print physical labels.

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