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Testing Services

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Tuya Testing Service aims to provide fast, efficient, and low-cost testing services to meet multiple testing requirements such as software, cloud control, performance, and stability.


  • Software test: The Tuya test team is based on the national standard and has accumulated professional knowledge through magnitude cases in various fields, and has the industry’s cutting-edge smart monitoring, cloud test, pressure test, tooling, and fixture, and other special technologies to support customers to complete intelligent product testing services.

  • Hardware test: Tuya Smart Certification Laboratory, responsible for the hardware quality inspection of smart home-related products, mainly engaged in testing in areas such as safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental reliability, mechanical reliability, and chemistry. The products mainly include smart cameras, sensors, door locks, electricians & lighting, large & small home appliances, information technology, and so forth.

Common pain points

Conventional testing services generally have the following common shortcomings:

  • Lack of equipment: Testing requires the purchase of a testing machine, which usually costs millions of dollars and the lack of professional tools makes low test efficiency.
  • Insufficient manpower: Many enterprises don’t have dedicated testing teams, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to recruit and train specialized personnel.
  • Lack of experience: Lack of experience in handling issues such as the preparation and maintenance of test scripts, test account management, equipment management, and stability assurance.
  • Insufficient budget: Compatibility testing is expensive, and testing costs remain high.

Service advantage

  • Having Tuya do the work for you will save your time and energy: Tuya provides flexible and diverse one-stop testing service solutions to relieve you from tedious and vast testing needs, save your testing costs, and improve work efficiency. Handing over the test to Tuya will give you peace of mind and focus on the growth of product sales.

  • Professional team, efficient service: Tuya has an independent test center and a special test team, which provides a strong guarantee for solving intractable diseases during the test process. Uniform and standardized test procedures and test cases and timely test optimization will provide you with comprehensive and high-quality test services.


Q1: ​​What are the prerequisites for using the Tuya testing service?

Make sure that your products and applications have been connected to the Tuya cloud, and the service supports all Tuya solution categories.

Q2: How long is the life cycle of product development?

The requirements for the products are different. For more information, please contact your Tuya account manager.