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Product Advantages

Last Updated on : 2021-07-08 03:23:05download

This topic describes the advantages of the Data Analytics Platform.

No-code development

Just drag and drop to complete the whole process from data processing to API customization efficiently within 15 minutes.

Data fusion

Integrate various data sources such as device logs, customers’ data sources, and personalized dimension tables to lay a foundation for subsequent OLAP analysis, visualization, and predictive maintenance.

Low-cost analytics and storage

In the same availability zone, the device log data generates 0 traffic charges. The storage cost gets lower with the optimization of IoT time-series data storage.

Asset model

The device asset attributes on the Cloud Development Platform can be seamlessly used in the Data Analytics Platform.

Multi-scenario visualization

Process and store the data to generate a dashboard. Also, embed the visualized tables in other applications across multiple scenarios.

AI predictive model

Complete the feature engineering based on real-time stream processing. Real-time online predictions can be performed through a pre-trained model for predictive maintenance.