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Production Test Solution

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Test plan terminology

Beacon production test

A beacon is a device that sends a specific broadcast signal to the surroundings within a certain range. After the device under test is powered on, the broadcast signal is scanned, and the in-product test program analyzes the broadcast data and executes the corresponding test actions. Through this kind of production test, Tuya is defined as beacon production test.

PC production test

The host computer mainly realizes the user’s reading and writing, verification, cloud authorization, comparison, and recording of the internal data of the product, so that the product operates in the manner desired by the customer. And the abstract data can be managed by the user in a visual and intuitive way through the PC terminal. It can be said that the host computer software is the carrier of the external manifestation of the internal functions of the product. Through the production test of the host computer, the user directly knows the quality of our products.

Production test firmware

Firmware (Firmware) is a program written into the chip according to the realization of functions of the smart product. The production test firmware is the logic program that executes the product test and is a bridge to “communication” with the host computer.

function test

It checks whether the software function meets the function description, that is, tests each item in the function description, and if it does not match, it will be treated as a problem. The more functions, the longer the test time. The host computer tool is a supporting product of Tuya’s product solution, so the primary function of the host computer setting is to comply with Tuya’s functional test of the product, and it must be suitable for customers to use. Of course, there are also differences in process methods, which are not suitable for some users or factory public tools, and need to be adapted or non-standard customized according to user needs.

Data Management

Since the beacon production test is automatically run by the production test firmware, data cannot be generated and saved. Suitable for programs that focus on efficiency.
The production test of the host computer presents the data through the PC, which can record and save the data throughout the process, and the data is saved locally or in the cloud. Suitable for products with higher quality requirements. Among them, a mixed production test plan is derived, and a standard production test plan is adapted according to the product’s balance of efficiency and quality.

Production test efficiency

Tuya’s production testing tools all take into account the needs of manual lines, semi-automatic lines, and fully automated lines. Therefore, the production test tool has the test performance of one to many. That is, one PC/beacon is used to test multiple products at the same time, and the test results are obtained. When using the one-to-multi-production testing software configuration, it is necessary to match the one-to-multi test tooling or test equipment to achieve the optimal effect of man-machine balance.

Software release

The software development of Tuya’s production testing tools is based on the embedded development process, and version iterative management is carried out. The cloud has a record of version iterative functions. Before release, it goes through multiple rounds of testing in daily, pre-release, return, and online environments. Ensure the stability of software tools. Of course, due to the urgency of demand and the impact of the original factory and third-party docking, there will be an impact on the stability of the tool. Measures such as gray release and emergency release can ensure normal use by users.

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