How to Select Order Purpose

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From the Purchase > Production section, you can purchase hardware components (also known as deliverables), such as modules, PCBA, and licenses, for your product or on behalf of your customers.

You can search for a product and check the required hardware components for production, as well as its current development status.

To cater to different development stages, you must specify the procurement purpose when placing an order for a commodity. This allows the system to verify the progress of development based on your actual requirements.

Select the order purpose

The order purposes are divided into three categories, each with its verification and restrictions.

  • Debugging

    During product development, if you want to buy some components for debugging, select Debugging as the purpose. Components can be embedded with the beta firmware (for testing purposes only and not released yet), but not with the retired firmware.

  • Trial production

    If you have finished product development but have not started mass production, or if your developers have changed the firmware version but have not conducted comprehensive testing and validation on the end product, select Trial Production as the purpose. The beta firmware can be used for this purpose, but the retired firmware is not allowed. If you are using the retired firmware, change to an available version.

  • Mass production

    After you have completed product development and acceptance testing, ensuring thorough verification of the hardware components and firmware, select Mass Production as the purpose. For a mass production order, the product must be in the Completed development status and can only use the released firmware version, not the beta firmware or any retired firmware.

You can find the minimum and maximum order quantity on the purchasing page.