How to choose purchasing purpose

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In Purchasing-Production-Product Components, you can purchase related product components, such as modules, PCBA or authorization codes, that are developed by you or authorized by customers to purchase.
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On this page, you can clearly see what product components are necessary for the production of the product determined during the development process, and whether they have been developed and are ready for direct production.

In order to better support your purchasing needs in different product development stages, please choose the actual purpose of this purchase when purchasing.

Purchasing purposes are divided into three types, and the verification and purchase restrictions are as follows:

  • For debugging:
    When the product is still in the R&D stage, you may need a small number of components for debugging. Please select “For debugging” at this stage. The components can include “engineering version” (that is, the firmware version that is in the internal testing stage and has not been officially released) Tuya firmware, but the “disused” firmware cannot be used.

  • For trial production
    When the product has been developed, but has not yet been officially mass-produced, or your developer has selected a new version of the firmware, and has not undergone complete product testing and verification, it is recommended that you choose to purchase for trial production. The “engineering version” firmware can also be used for orders for this purpose, but the “disused” firmware cannot be used (in case of disuse, please change to another version in the development process).

  • For formal production
    When the product has been developed and passed the finished product acceptance, you can choose to purchase for formal production when it is confirmed that the selected components and the internal firmware have passed the test. At this time, the product must be in the “development complete” state, and only the “official version” firmware (that is, the officially released firmware version) can be used, and the “engineering version” and “disused” firmware versions cannot be used.

The minimum order quantity and single purchase upper limit for different purchase purposes are also different, and the page will give a hint.

Please choose according to your actual needs.