Sign Contracts Online

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This topic describes how to sign a contract on the Tuya Developer Platform.

Background information

Typically, to sign a sales contract, you have to spend a lot of time going through cumbersome online and offline processes. As a result, the delivery time of the order is extended.

Now, the Tuya Developer Platform offers a new way out. If you have no objection to the terms in the contract automatically generated by the system, you can sign the contract online. Alternatively, you can download the electronic document, print and stamp it, and then upload the scanned document. This way, you can quickly complete signing the contract.


  • You have submitted a production order on the Tuya Developer Platform. For more information about how to place an order, see Guide to Purchase Center. After placing an order, you can download the electronic contract that has been automatically stamped with Tuya’s stamp.

  • Log in to the Tuya Developer Platform, and in the left-side navigation bar, choose Purchase > Order > Purchase > Production Order to automatically generate a contract.


Sign a contract

  1. Log in to the Tuya Developer Platform.

  2. In the left-side navigation bar, choose Purchase > Order > Purchase > Production Order and click Sign Contract.

    Sign Contracts Online

    Alternatively, go to Purchase > Contract.

    Sign Contracts Online

  3. If you can register or have registered with Esign and have completed organization verification, we recommend you sign the contract online. Click Sign Contract, fill in or confirm the information on the Confirm Contract pop-up window, and then click OK.

    Sign Contracts Online
    • Make sure the mobile phone number and email address entered are accurate and valid. After you click the OK button, the system will automatically send a signing reminder message to the specified mobile phone number and email address.
    • Make sure the organization name that has passed verification is correct. Otherwise, you might fail to sign the contract online.
    • If you enter a wrong phone number in this step, you can use the entered phone number to reject the contract signing, or submit a ticket to contact Tuya.
    • The phone number here is the one that will be used to sign the contract later.

    Click the link in the received notification text message or email, and you will be redirected to the Esign service page.

    Sign Contracts Online
  4. As prompted by the Esign, scan the QR code by using Alipay to open the Esign Alipay mini program. Also, you can log in to the web version or PC version of Esign to sign the contract.

    • If the organization verification has been completed:

      • For a person who keeps the organization stamp, drag the stamp to the signature area and submit the contract.
      • For others who do not keep the organization stamp:
        1. Drag the stamp to the signature area and submit the contract.
        2. Wait until the legal person approves the stamping request.
    • If the organization verification has not been completed: Complete the organization verification as instructed on the page, and then sign the contract based on this step.

    If you are located outside mainland China or it is inconvenient for you to register an Esign account and complete the organization verification, you can download the contract. After you print and stamp it, you scan it to create an electronic PDF file and click Upload Contract to upload the stamped PDF contract file. Thus, the contract is signed online.

  5. After the contract is signed online, you can download it in Purchase > Contract. During this process, if your order has changed key information such as unit price and quantity, the Tuya Developer Platform will automatically update the contract.

Re-sign the contract after order changes

  • If you use Tuya’s standard contract template, the contract will be automatically updated after the order is changed. You only need to sign the contract again.

  • If you use a template other than Tuya’s standard contract template, in case of the order changes, the contract shall be reviewed by Tuya before you sign it again.