Choose Wi-Fi Channel Code

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A Wi-Fi channel, also known as a frequency band, refers to a data signal transmission channel that uses wireless signals as a carrier. This topic describes information about Wi-Fi channels and suggestions on how to choose them. It also provides a list of Wi-Fi channel codes in different countries or regions for you to choose from.

Scope of application

To enable your product to communicate over Wi-Fi, you need to set the Wi-Fi channel code for your product on the Information page of the Tuya Developer Platform. This way, the Wi-Fi channel code can be written to the firmware through the production process.

Choose Wi-Fi Channel Code

Channel codes

You can choose the suitable Wi-Fi channel code depending on the country or region to which your product is shipped. The following table provides a reference for you to determine the mappings between Wi-Fi channel codes and countries or regions.

Country/region Channel Recommendation
Argentina 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
United Arab Emirates 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Oman 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Azerbaijan 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Egypt 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Ireland 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Estonia 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Austria 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Australia 1-13CH Australia (1-13CH)
Pakistan 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Bahrain 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Panama 1-11CH USA (1-11CH)
Brazil 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Bulgaria 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Belgium 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Iceland 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Poland 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Bolivia 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Belize 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Denmark 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Germany 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Dominican Republic 1-11CH USA (1-11CH)
Ecuador 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
France 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Philippines 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Finland 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Colombia 1-11CH USA (1-11CH)
Costa Rica 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Georgia 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Kazakhstan 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Republic of Korea 1-13CH Korea (1-13CH)
Netherlands 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Honduras 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Canada 1-11CH Canada (1-11CH)
Czech Republic 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Zimbabwe 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Qatar 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Kuwait 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Croatia 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Latvia 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Lebanon 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Lithuania 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Liechtenstein 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Luxembourg 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Romania 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Malta 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Malaysia 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
United States 1-11CH USA (1-11CH)
Peru 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Morocco 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Monaco 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Mexico 1-11CH USA (1-11CH)
South Africa 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Nigeria 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Norway 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Portugal 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Japan 1-14CH Japan (1-14CH)
Japan 1-13CH Japan (1-13CH)
Sweden 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Switzerland 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
El Salvador 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Cyprus 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Saudi Arabia 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Sri Lanka 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Slovakia 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Slovenia 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Thailand 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Trinidad and Tobago 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Tunisia 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Turkey 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Guatemala 1-11CH USA (1-11CH)
Venezuela 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Brunei 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Ukraine 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Uruguay 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
Uzbekistan 1-11CH China Taiwan (1-11CH)
Spain 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Greece 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Singapore 1-13CH Singapore (1-13CH)
New Zealand 1-13CH Australia (1-13CH)
Hungary 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Armenia 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Yemen 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Iraq 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Israel 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Italy 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
India 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Indonesia 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
United Kingdom 1-13CH Europe (1-13CH)
Jordan 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Vietnam 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Chile 1-13CH Other (1-13CH)
China 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Macao SAR, China 1-13CH China (1-13CH)
Taiwan, China 1-11CH China Taiwan (1-11CH)
Hong Kong SAR, China 1-13CH China (1-13CH)