Step 2: Add Device

Last Updated on : 2023-05-06 09:03:15download

The cloud project supports multiple ways to add devices. You can choose the desired way to add devices in different scenarios. This topic focuses on the following frequently used ways.

  • IoT Device Management app: Link the cloud project with the Smart Industry app, and connect devices to the cloud project by using device pairing or edge gateway activation on the app.
  • Virtual device: If you have not purchased a ‘Powered by Tuya’ device at the beginning of development, you can use the virtual device feature to try out and debug the IoT service you have built.
  • Link devices: You can link existing apps, WeChat mini programs, and Tuya app accounts, so the devices of external applications can be linked with the cloud project. Note that the devices of an external application belong to the owner of the external application. The cloud project owner is not authorized to control these linked devices, but only has permissions to view device status.