Add Virtual Device

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At the beginning of development, if you have not purchased a ‘Powered by Tuya’ device, you can use the virtual device feature on the Tuya Developer Platform to try out the IoT-enabled product you have created.


You have already created cloud projects and you have added assets.


The asset management feature has been unavailable starting from June 20, 2023. We recommend that you build project SaaS to manage users under the project. If you still want to use this feature, go to the Cloud Project Asset Management.

  1. Log in to the Tuya Developer Platform. In the left navigation bar, select Cloud > Development, and then click the target project.

  2. Click the Assets tab on the top and then select the target asset.
    Add Virtual Device

  3. Place the pointer over Add Device and then select Add Virtual Devices for Debugging.
    Add Virtual Device

  4. Among all products in Products on TuyaGo and My Products, select the target device and click Add Virtual Devices.

    Products on TuyaGo are the hot-selling ‘Powered by Tuya’ devices recommended by Tuya. You can click Item Details to navigate to the purchase page of the device. My Products are the products you have created on the Tuya Developer Platform. Before you get the actual product, you can use the virtual device for debugging.

    Add Virtual Device

  5. After adding a virtual device, close the pane of Add Virtual Devices. You can view your added devices in Devices under the tab of Assets.

Next steps

After adding a device, you can click Debug Device to simulate your real business scenarios. You can send commands to control the device to check if it can run properly.

Alternatively, you can choose an SDK to develop IoT services.