Standard Function

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Product functions are the abstraction of smart device functions and are used to describe the functionalities and parameters of respective products. Standard functions are standard and common functions of a product category. You can select and use standard functions without further development.

Functional description

  • The standard functions of each product vary depending on product properties. For example, smart lights offer color temperature value as a standard function, but smart switches do not have this function. For more information about the specific standard functions, see the actual Function Definition page during the product creation process.

  • Based on the product development methods, you can perform different operations on standard functions, as shown in the following table:

    Operation No-code development Others (custom and TuyaLink)
    Add functions Supported Supported
    Delete functions Supported Supported
    Edit functions Not supported Supported. You can only modify the DP Name and Remarks.


You have created at least one product. For more information, see Create Products.


  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

  2. In the product list, find a target product whose status is Developing, and click Develop in the Operation column.

    Standard Function

  3. Check out the standard functions that have been added to the product. Depending on your needs and how your product is developed, you can:

    • Click Add to add more standard functions.

    • Click Delete to delete the specified standard function.

      Standard Function

    • Click Edit to edit the specified standard function.

      Standard Function

      Since standard functions are bound with some app interface components, you are not allowed to edit the Identifier, Data Type, and Data Transfer Type.

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