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Standard Function

Last Updated on : 2022-03-02 01:52:38download

Standard functions indicate the common functions in a specified category.

Note: The standard functions of each product vary depending on product attributes. For more information about the specific standard functions, see the actual Function Definition page during the product creation process on the Tuya IoT Platform.

No-code development solution

The standard functions provided by no-code development solutions can be added as needed, but cannot be modified.

Custom solution

The standard functions provided by custom solutions can be created, edited, and deleted.

Standard Function

  • Create functions: You can select your desired functions from the standard functions.

  • Edit functions: You can edit the created functions as you want.

    Note: Since standard functions are bound with some app interface components, it is not allowed to edit the Identifier, Data type, and Data transfer type.

  • Delete functions: The unwanted functions can be deleted. If you want to add them again, click Create Functions and choose the functions you want.