Template v4.1.0 Update Instructions

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This topic describes the updates of the OEM app for Smart Travel with v4.1.0. This app version was released on June 28, 2022. You can integrate the updates into your app.

Platform update

Major updates of Smart Travel OEM App released on July 1, 2022

App update

New features

Added the ambient light module

Added the ambient light module to the homepage of a smart travel app. Users can adjust the brightness, color temperature, color, and scene of an ambient light. Brand owners can define features and customize the number of scenes and multilingual options based on vehicle requirements.

  • Data points (DPs):

    • switch_led
    • bright_value
    • temp_value
    • work_mode
    • colour_data
    • scene
    Template v4.1.0 Update Instructions

Added OTA update dialog box on homepage

After users open the homepage, the system automatically checks for over-the-air (OTA) updates. The system processes firmware update in different ways, depending on the following update method settings at Tuya Developer Platform > Product > New Update Deployment:

  • If Update Method is set to Check for Updates: The system does not show the OTA update dialog box on the homepage. Users need to check device details for available OTA updates.

  • If Update Method is set to Update Notification: The system shows the OTA update dialog box on the homepage. Tap Update to navigate to the OTA update page. Tap Cancel to close the OTA update dialog box.

  • If Update Method is set to Forced Update: The system shows the OTA update dialog box on the homepage. Users can only tap Update to navigate to the OTA update page. The Cancel button does not appear, so users cannot close the dialog box.

    Template v4.1.0 Update Instructions

Added support for pairing Bluetooth devices after QR code scanning

Based on the generic Bluetooth connection method, users can scan a QR code to pair Bluetooth devices on the app. Tuya provides the White Swan Print Platform (WSPP) for printing a pairing QR code.

Added the lost mode

Allowed users to enable the lost mode on the app. If a vehicle supports the lost mode (lose_mode), after users enable this mode on the app, the system sends this mode to the vehicle. Then, the device processes the command. For example, report current vehicle information to the cloud. In the vehicle management system, you can query the location and cycling route data of the vehicle. The data falls within the period from the date on which the vehicle was reported lost to the current date.

Template v4.1.0 Update Instructions

Added total cycling mileage to battery information

By default, the remaining mileage that a vehicle can cycle appears in the battery information. If this DP is not selected, the system shows the total cycling mileage by using the following DP:

  • mileage_total

Fixes and updates

Hid battery level from cycling routes

Fixed the problem caused by the inaccurate battery level reported in cycling routes. This problem might arise due to the inaccurate battery level obtained from a lead-acid battery on a two-wheeled vehicle. As a solution to this problem, the battery level is removed from the reported packets that contain the cycling routes of a cellular device. This way, the battery consumption field will be hidden from the cycling route history.

Template v4.1.0 Update Instructions

Optimized starting point of cycling route

  • Cellular device: After a vehicle is started (start=1 is reported), the system starts to record the cycle routes. Even when the location feature is disabled, the cycling routes can still be recorded.
  • Bluetooth device: After users tap Start Riding, the system starts to record the cycling routes. When the cycling speed is 0, the system filters out invalid points from the cycling routes. This avoids route deviations that appear after a vehicle stops cycling.

Optimized unit conversion of value data

Optimized the conversion between kilometers and miles for custom DPs of value type.

Optimized the logic for loading pages

Optimized the animation and logic for loading secondary pages.

Fixed navigation from alert

Allowed users to tap View and navigate to a respective device page after the device reports an alert.

Fixed known issues

Optimized the user experience of certain features.

Things to note

Voice control

The voice control feature can be accessed in the top right corner of the homepage on the app during the beta testing. After the update of the app version, if any problem regarding this feature arises, submit a ticket or contact Tuya’s account manager to fix the problem. Otherwise, voice control might not work as expected after the update.

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