Template v3.34.5 Update Instructions

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This topic describes the updates of the OEM app v3.34.5. This app version was released on January 10, 2022. You can integrate the updates into your app.

Update instructions

Added NFC card and password management

Tap More > More ways to unlock to manage the NFC Unlock and Password Unlock sections. Users can also add or rename a card, and reset the password.

Template v3.34.5 Update Instructions

Modified HID induction unlocking

Previously, users need to set the unlocking distance on the app: far, medium, and close. Currently, users can use the app to record the current signal strength between a mobile phone and a vehicle. This signal strength sets a benchmark for unlocking and locking the vehicle.

Template v3.34.5 Update Instructions

Added vehicle information management and display

Added the Vehicle Information module that displays multiple component details, such as meter information, electronic control unit (ECU) information, battery information, and controller information. This module must work with Vehicle Management.

Template v3.34.5 Update Instructions

Optimized features

UI design

Optimized the beveled background of a vehicle back on the homepage, added the UI for the offline and disabled status, and optimized the font color in dark mode.


Modified the dialog box of an enumeration data point (DP). Currently, an option becomes effective immediately after it is selected. Users do not need to confirm this option.


Optimized the pairing and reconnection logic for smart devices that comply with the human interface device (HID) standard in most scenarios.

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