Device Binding

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This topic describes how to configure the device binding scope for your TuyaLink-based device.


Device Binding: To achieve device access management for different delivery purposes, a TuyaLink-based device can be bound to an end user through QR code binding or bound to a cloud development project through a bind code.

QR code binding: Generated based on the device ID, it is used to bind a device to an app account.

Bind code: Generated based on the device ID, it is used to bind a device to a cloud development project.


The device binding scope allows you to restrict who can bind a TuyaLink-based device. By default, only the product owner can bind the associated device to a cloud development project.

To allow Tuya-based app accounts or other Tuya IoT Development Platform accounts to bind the device, set the scope to All IoT Platform Accounts. The following steps show how to set the scope.

  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

  2. Click Create to build a new product, or Continue to Develop to configure an existing product.

    Device Binding

  3. Choose Product Configuration > Device Binding Configuration > Settings.

    Device Binding
  4. After you select the scope, click Save to take effect.

    • Option 1: Current Account (Default)

      Device Binding
    • Option 2: All IoT Platform Accounts

      Device Binding

Next step

Use the Smart Life app or Smart Industry app to bind the device.