Scene Linkage

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This topic describes how to configure smart scene linkage for TuyaLink-based devices.


Scene linkage: Allows you to configure conditions and actions available to end users so that they can set up scenes to achieve the interconnectivity of smart devices. For example, when the light comes on, the curtain motor automatically turns on.


  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

  2. Click Create to build a new product, or Continue to Develop to configure an existing product.

    Scene Linkage
  3. Choose Product Configuration > Scenario Connection Settings > Settings.

    Scene Linkage
  4. Configure conditions and actions.

    • Condition: The selected data point acts as the condition to trigger an action.

    • Action: The selected data point acts as the action to be run if a specified condition is met. For example, turn on or off the remote control.

      Scene Linkage
  5. After a device is paired, activated, and bound to an account of a Tuya-based app, users can set up scenes in the app.

    Scene Linkage

    For more information, see Configure Scene Linkage.

Next step

See Product Configuration for multi-language management and device binding.