Bluetooth Mesh Gateway Template

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This topic describes the specific functions of the Bluetooth mesh gateway and how to use them. For more resources, see the GitHub repository.

Note: This project depends on v5.28 or later. If the earlier app version is used, go to Tuya Panel-RN to download the required version.


The template project is a TypeScript (TS) template based on React Native 0.59 and can be used to create a Tuya Bluetooth mesh gateway product. The template project supports the following functions:

  • Display the sub-device list
  • Add a sub-device
  • Delete a sub-device
  • Enter the sub-device details page for control


Note: This topic only describes the directories related to the scaffold. For more information about the general directory structure, see RN 0.59 TS Template.

├── api // Place the cloud APIs used in the project. ├── components // Place reusable functional components used in the project. │ ├── AddModal.tsx // Pairing prompt box. │ ├── AddProgress.tsx // Progress of adding a sub-device. │ ├── SubDevItem.tsx // Sub-device rendering component. │ ├── TopView.tsx // The top bar. │ ├── connect.tsx │ └── index.ts ├── composeLayout.tsx // Encapsulate `device events` and `device information` required in the panel. ├── config // Place some configuration files that are frequently used in the panel. │ ├── dpCodes.ts // Configure the DP. │ ├── fetchDataInterface.ts // Interface of the returned data │ ├── index.ts │ └── theme.ts // Configure the theme. ├── i18n // Place configuration files for multiple languages. ├── main.tsx // Project entry files that are inherited from `NavigatorLayout`. Rewrite the `hookRoute` method to pass in some necessary configurations, such as background, topbar, and more. Rewrite the `renderScene` method to control routing jump. ├── models // Place codes related to `redux`. │ ├── combine.ts // combineReducers │ ├── configureStore.ts │ ├── index.ts │ └── modules │ ├── common.ts // Basic action and reducer. │ └── customize.ts // Customize the action and reducer. ├── pages // Place page-level components of the project. │ ├── add │ | ├── AddList.tsx // Add the sub-device list. │ | ├── index.tsx // Add the sub-device entry. │ └── home │ ├── index.tsx // Homepage entry file. │ └── SubList.tsx // Sub-device list. ├── res // Place local resources, such as pictures and SVG path. └── utils // Place some common tools and methods that are used in the panel.

UI interaction

Sub-device list

Bluetooth Mesh Gateway Template

Sub-device pairing process

Method 1

  1. Click Discover, and a prompt box will pop up.

    Bluetooth Mesh Gateway Template
  2. Follow the prompts to let the sub-device enter the pairing mode, and click The indicator is fast flickering to start pairing.

    Bluetooth Mesh Gateway Template Bluetooth Mesh Gateway Template
  3. After pairing is successful, click to enter the sub-device panel.

Method 2

  1. Click Add from List below to enter the device list page.

    Bluetooth Mesh Gateway Template
  2. Select the sub-devices and click Join Now.

    Bluetooth Mesh Gateway Template
  3. The panel displays the progress of adding the sub-devices. It will automatically return to the homepage after the adding is completed.

    Bluetooth Mesh Gateway Template

Delete a sub-device

On a sub-device, swipe left to delete the sub-device.

Bluetooth Mesh Gateway Template

Native APIs

The RN version number of the app.


Get the sub-device list when appRnVersion is ≤ 5.28.

No. Description Type appRnVersion
1 Successful callback Function ≤ 5.28
2 Failed callback Function ≤ 5.28


Get the sub-device list when appRnVersion is > 5.28.

No. Description Type appRnVersion
1 Gateway ID String > 5.28
2 Successful callback Function > 5.28
3 Failed callback Function > 5.28


Get the relation data between the sub-device and the home.

No. Description Type
1 Successful callback Function
2 Failed callback Function

Cloud APIs


Add a Bluetooth sub-device.

No. Parameter Type Description
1 sourceMeshId String The mesh ID of the added sub-device
2 nodes Array The information about the added sub-device: [{uuid: uuid1, devId: devId2 }…]
3 targetMeshId String Gateway ID


Parameter Type Description
uuid String Sub-device UUID
devId String Sub-device ID


Add a Bluetooth mesh sub-device.

No. Parameter Type Description
1 sourceMeshId String The mesh ID of the added sub-device
2 nodeIds Array The node ID of the added sub-device: [nodeId1, nodeId2]
3 targetMeshId String Gateway ID