Custom Solution

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This topic describes the procedure of creating lighting products with different development solutions.


You have registered a Tuya Smart IoT account.

Note: It is recommended that you complete the organization certification after registration. After your account is upgraded to an organization account, it will obtain more permissions. For details, see Organization Verification.

Create a custom development solution lighting product

  1. Log in to the Tuya Developer Platform.

  2. Click Create to create a product with a unique PID.
    Custom Solution

  3. Select Lighting > Light Source > Custom Solution.
    Custom Solution

  4. Enter product name, product model (optional), select a protocol and power type.
    Custom Solution

Next steps

After creating the product, you can develop the product according to the following process.

  1. Function Definition

  2. Device Panel

  3. Hardware Development

  4. Product Configuration

  5. Test Services