v3.17.6 Update Notes

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  • Version: v3.17.6
  • Release date: 2020-5-12


Supported the additional automation conditions regarding to sunrise and sunset

  • Before, we were only able to set a period of time after sunrise or sunset to trigger an automation, now App added pre-sunrise and pre-sunset time conditions.
    v3.17.6 Update Notes

Supported the Google Assistant quick connect

  • Users can find Google Action via App to bind without searching on Google Home or Google Assistant, where makes authorization process easier and increases user experience.

    v3.17.6 Update Notes

Alert message added home tag

  • Messages from all homes in the message center are mixed together and it is difficult to visually distinguish which home the message comes from.
  • So App show home information for alert notifications with a consistent format of three types of messages

Supported the beginner’s guide of creating a Smart

  • The beginner’s guide banner will show up for App v3.17.6 and above for the first time that a user opens the Smart page.

    v3.17.6 Update Notes

Added the Account deactivation message

  • If the user who deactivated the account reactivated it within 7 days, a message will show on the home page saying that your request of deleting the account is not approved.
    v3.17.6 Update Notes

Supported inviting unregistered users to enter a home by an invitation code

  • Invite unregistered users to join a home via a third-party app by sharing an invitation code. Lower the threshold for first-time use by unregistered users
    v3.17.6 Update Notes


Optimized the pairing process

  • To get low success rate of pairing and poor visual and interactive experience, we optimized the pairing process.

    v3.17.6 Update Notes v3.17.6 Update Notes

OEM App Support

Among the above functions, temporarily unsupported features are:

  • Supported the beginner’s guide of creating a Smart.
  • Added the Account deactivation message

More service

If you have any questions or App suggestions, please contact app_qa@tuya.com to give feedback, thanks!