v3.21.0 Update Notes

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This topic describes the updates of the Smart Life app v3.21.0. This version of the App was released on November 4, 2020. You can download it in major app stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play.

Updated functions

Add OTA automatic update

Users can choose automatic updates and the device will update itself during the non-active time.
v3.21.0 Update Notes

Support iOS user bind skill in one click

iOS users can authorize the Tuya app to use Alexa skill in one click without having to enter the Tuya App account and password, which improves user experience.

v3.21.0 Update Notes

Optimize Alexa Skill App to App linking

When Alexa requests the Smart Life app to authorize, users can switch from Smart Life App to other OEM App and continue the linking.

v3.21.0 Update Notes

Support shift Wi-Fi network

Devices can connect to other Wi-Fi networks in App via preset password or Wi-Fi without having to pair again. It will make the whole pairing easier.

v3.21.0 Update Notes

Add more information on the NB-IoT device page

Add information such as ICCID and signal strength in the NB-IoT device information page in the app to provide more information for better identifying problems.
v3.21.0 Update Notes

Optimization and repair

Support change account name

App users can change the email addresses and mobile numbers as their new accounts after the first registration.

v3.21.0 Update Notes

MQTT message compensation

This time we add MQTT protocol so that when the message is blocked because of the number limitation set by the mobile system there are additional ways to send out the messages and therefore increase the message delivery rate.

Bluetooth optimaztion 2.0

Support Bluetooth scanning, linking, and communication interaction when the iOS application is in the backend to improve user experience.
v3.21.0 Update Notes

Improve pairing features

Support scanning QR code (Cellular)to pair. Support directly pair offline devices in one click.
v3.21.0 Update Notes

Optimize device management on the homepage

Support manage devices under a room on the Homepage. When users select a specific room, they can choose to only manage devices under that room.

v3.21.0 Update Notes

Feedback and help

If you have any questions or App suggestions, please contact app_qa@tuya.com to give feedback.