v3.18.0 Update Notes

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  • Version: v3.18.0
    Release date: 2020-07-06

Updated Functions

Link your current account to Apple ID

Currently, users cannot have all their third-party accounts associated with a single account, which leads to a poor user experience. For example, using the Tuya account and Apple ID created by the same email address will also generate two independent app accounts. Users may feel confused while logging in with the Apple ID, especially it has become a mandatory login method since April. In this case, users can associate their current account with their Apple ID.

Add Switch On/Off as one action for the automation

The app currently doesn’t have the setting option to automatically switch the products between on and off. Now, users can select Switch On/Off as an action for automation scenes.
v3.18.0 Update Notes

Support keeping low power products online on the homepage

The status of the Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) products will stay online on the homepage.

v3.18.0 Update Notes

Support the Temperature symbol °C/°F switch

Users are able to change the temperature scale displayed in all app smart scenes.

v3.18.0 Update Notes

Support the Tuya App to Alexa App linking for Android

  • Users are now able to link Android Tuya app directly to Alexa app without entering the password. If the user does not have the Alexa app installed, Tuya Smart app will navigate to the Amazon login page. Users can enter the Amazon account and password to complete the authorization.
  • Original process: Click More services in the app, click Alexa, click on Link to enter the Amazon H5 login page, enter Amazon account and password, and then confirm authorization complete.
  • New process: Click More services in the app, click Alexa, click Link to open Alexa app, and then click Link Complete.
  • It is a value-added service that Tuya will help perform the pairing process.
v3.18.0 Update Notes

Support changing the default icon back after users replace it on the device page

If users have changed their device icon, they can still find the default icon on the app so that they can change the icon back if they want to.

v3.18.0 Update Notes

After users select which regions should be cleaned, they can still see the areas they have chosen after they exit the panel and enter the robot vacuum.

  • Select region to clean: Select multiple regions and start to clean. If users exit the product panel and enter again, they can identify the region that is being cleaned now via different colors;
  • Appointment: Select regions to make appointments for cleaning and save changes. Users can identify the selected regions via different colors.
v3.18.0 Update Notes

Use verification code to bind skills in App

Users can get a verification code from the app to log in when they bind skills. Process: Log in to the Tmall Genie and enter page H5. Click more service, choose Tmall Genie, and get the verification code. Copy verification code, return to Tmall Genie app, paste verification code, and confirm to authorize.
v3.18.0 Update Notes

Optimization and Repair

Optimize edit the names of areas-to-be cleaned and areas-not-to-be-cleaned for sweeping machine

Support long press name column or click the edit icon to edit the name

v3.18.0 Update Notes

Optimize login

  • Optimize the login page.
  • Enable third-party login on the registration page.
v3.18.0 Update Notes

Optimize notification when Zigbee gateway sub-devices reach limits

When the number of gateway sub-devices reaches limits, users will see a notification saying “Sub-devices number limits reached. Please remove some sub-devices under this gateway if you want to add a new one.”Please note that there are requirements on the version of gateway firmware.

v3.18.0 Update Notes

Optimize the Notify users when scenes and automation fail to perform

When automation or scenes are triggered, users need to get a notification (app push&message center) if some tasks fail to perform.
v3.18.0 Update Notes

More service

If you have any questions or App suggestions, please contact app_qa@tuya.com to give feedback, thanks!