v3.17.0 Update Notes

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  • Version: v3.17.0
    Release date: 2020-4-21

Updated Functions

Support the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE combo product sharing

Users can share Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE combo products with others.

v3.17.0 Update Notes

Support deleting multiple offline devices

Users can delete a bunch of devices on device management page.
v3.17.0 Update Notes

Support the device/Scene limit

  • Users will get a notification saying they have reached the limited number of devices or smart scenes while creating or managing them.
  • This feature currently only supports the Tuya Smart & Smart Life App.
    v3.17.0 Update Notes

Support the Homekit App synchronization

  • When the device and the phone are under the same network, users can add the device on Tuya App to Home App to control.
  • Only devices that support Homekit will have this entrance.
  • OEM App temporarily unsupported.
v3.17.0 Update Notes

Support the voice assistant guideline

  • Users can view voice controllable devices with their voice features under the corresponding available voice assistants.
  • Limited available platforms and categories for check.
  • Steps: device list – device panel – more information – Amazon Alexa – available voice assistants.
  • Available platforms: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Baidu Xiaodu.
  • Category to search: Socket, power strip, switch, curtain switch, circuit breaker, adjustable light, warm and cold. light, 2-channel color light, 3-channel color light, 4-channel color light, plug, air conditioner mate, garage door, breaker.
v3.17.0 Update Notes

Support the Smart page guideline

The user guide will be shown on the Smart page at the first time user opening.
v3.17.0 Update Notes

Support the OTA error code reporting

The current OTA process doesn’t tell the reasons of occurred errors and will be directly shut down while the device is under low power. After the optimization, OTA will be able to report the error reasons, ie. sending a message saying the power is too low to continue OTA and asking the user to charge.

v3.17.0 Update Notes

Support the Automatic notification of device signal

Device panel will send users a weak network signal to improve user experience.

v3.17.0 Update Notes

Optimize the status name for user feedback

In case we have inconsistent status names of user feedbacks on app and Developer Platform, we are going to change the names from “To be processed, Solved” to “To be processed, Replied, Solved.”
v3.17.0 Update Notes

More service

If you have any questions or App suggestions, please contact app_qa@tuya.com to give feedback, thanks!