v4.8.0 Update Notes

Last Updated on : 2023-11-17 03:25:12

This topic describes the updates of the Smart Life app v4.8.0. This app version was released in March 2023. You can download it from major app stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play.

App update

Supported continuous scanning

For legacy versions, after Android users scanned a QR code, the app let them confirm whether to start pairing or authorize login. If users tapped Cancel and returned to the scanning page, they could not scan the QR code again on this page, leading to an interrupted experience.

After this update, if users tap Cancel and return to the scanning page, they can continue to scan the QR code.

Optimized device control

  • Fixed unavailable group control of Plug and Play (PnP) devices that are connected over Bluetooth.

    For legacy versions, a device group might fail to be created for PnP devices when they were connected over Bluetooth.
    After this update, if this type of device is connected over Wi-Fi, group control is enabled.

  • Optimized the unbinding logic for offline Bluetooth devices.

    For legacy versions, if a Bluetooth device is deleted when offline, it was normally removed from the app and the cloud. Then, after the device was powered on again, due to its disconnected state, the system could not immediately reset the device to the pairing state on the app.

    After this update, when the app is working to find or pair Bluetooth devices, the app can automatically reset this type of Bluetooth device if any.

  • Adapted to the generic solution for Bluetooth mesh lighting devices and supported Bluetooth beacon remote control.

    For legacy versions, Bluetooth remote control and Bluetooth device control were enabled only after remote controls were added and managed on the app. Pairing and management of remote controls strongly rely on the app.

    After this update, beacon remote controls can be paired offline to support the generic solution of Bluetooth mesh lighting devices. Then, these remote controls can be managed on the app.

  • Supported beacon mesh over-the-air (OTA) updates.

    Added the beacon mesh OTA update solution. Different from legacy beacon solutions, the new Bluetooth beacon mesh solution enables the beacon mesh devices to be updated via OTA through the gateway.

Supported user data masking

Supported masking of IP addresses and other information about device owners. For example, the mobile number, email address, and IP address are displayed as asterisks (*).

Feedback and help

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us at app_qa@tuya.com.