Template v5.6.0 Update Instructions

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This topic describes the updates of the OEM app for Smart Life with v5.6.0. This app version was released on November 2, 2023. You can integrate the updates into your app.

App update

Virtual Trial Center

Currently, all-in-one apps do not support this feature.

Virtual Trial Center allows the end users to virtually try out the features of recommended products on the app, without buying a real device. This can help to boost brand reach and conversion rates.

Virtual Trial Center supports the following features:

  • Virtual product. Showcase the recommended virtual products. You can customize the sections, such as new arrivals and best sellers.

  • Virtual panel. End users can try out product features with a virtual panel.

    Template v5.6.0 Update Instructions
  • Text and image. Introduce a product with text, images, and videos.

  • Product configuration. Set up the URL for end users to purchase the recommended product.

    Template v5.6.0 Update Instructions
  • Homepage recommendations. Expose recommended products on the homepage. There are many styles to choose from.

    Template v5.6.0 Update Instructions
  • Configuration backend. You can set up and manage the recommendations.

    Template v5.6.0 Update Instructions

Platform update

App ICP filing in mainland China

Chinese regulations mandate that apps to be launched in mainland China must get an ICP filing and display the ICP filing number. Tuya provides a configuration tool to help you set up ICP filing.

  • Query the required information for ICP filing. Get the app’s MD5 and key.

  • Fill out your ICP filing number to present it on the About page in the app.

    Template v5.6.0 Update Instructions Template v5.6.0 Update Instructions

Account Security for Google Play

Apps to be launched on Google Play are requested to provide a statement of user account security. Tuya provides a configuration tool to help you set up the document.

Template v5.6.0 Update Instructions

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