Template v5.5.0 Update Instructions

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This topic describes the updates of the OEM app for Smart Life with v5.5.0. This app version was released on October 8, 2023. You can integrate the updates into your app.

App update

Optimized Matter experience

  • Extended the pairing with QR code and auto discovery features to Matter over Wi-Fi devices built with Matter Lite solution.

Optimized pairing with QR code

  • When users try to scan the QR code to pair a Bluetooth device that has already been added, they will receive a message saying The device already exists. Do not add it again.

    Template v5.5.0 Update Instructions
  • Extended pairing with QR code to devices in the level-3 category, such as Bluetooth electric vehicles and Cat.1 electric bicycles. Aggregated the QR codes for cellular (NB-IoT), cellular (GPRS), cellular, and Bluetooth in the entry to pairing with QR code.

    Template v5.5.0 Update Instructions

Platform update

Optimized pairing guide

  • Supported customizing the pairing guide for pairing with QR code.

    Template v5.5.0 Update Instructions

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