Template v4.6.0 Update Instructions

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This topic describes the updates of the OEM app for Smart Life with v4.6.0. This app version was released on December 28, 2022. You can integrate the updates into your app.

App update

Optimized pairing

  • Allowed users to tap the Add sign “+” on the homepage to scan and pair a device.
  • Allowed users to quickly set the room in which a newly paired device is located.
  • Optimized pairing of Plug and Play (PnP) devices. If a device is not activated, the device card on the homepage shows a prompt to guide users to activate the device.

Optimized device card on the homepage

  • Added a quick toggle to device cards on the homepage and enabled control of beacon sub-devices and other similar devices that do not report any switch status.

Supported settings of device alerts

  • Allowed users to set device alerts as needed on the app. They can choose to receive alerts by system message, phone call, or SMS. This feature is available only after the phone call and SMS service is purchased for the OEM app.

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