Template v3.14.6 Update Instruction

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Enable Quick Pairing Mode for Bluetooth Devices

Backgroud :To better connect with Bluetooth devices, the App is enabled to automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices now;

Description :Open the App and go to “Home”. If you have turned on Bluetooth and location access, it will seach for the nearby Bluetooth devices that are in pairing mode. You can see them in the pop-ups. Click “Do not add”or “Go to add”below to choose whether to add the Bluetooth devices or not.(When searching,Bluetooth permission is required and the Bluetooth devices need to be in pairing mode);

Template v3.14.6 Update Instruction

Support log in with Apple ID for iOS

Background :From April 2020, all iOS Apps that are submitted to App Store need to be configured by iOS 13 SDK or its high versions.Therefore, developers need to configure iOS 13 system as soon as possible,which includes enabling users to log in with  Apple ID;

Description :Users can now use Apple ID to log in the App;

Template v3.14.6 Update Instruction

Marketing Splash

Background :The marketing splash can be configured by B-side customers on Tuya IoT platform, and will be shown based on preferences set by c-side customers via App;

Description :Client-side App will show marketing splash based on what customers set in message center.

Template v3.14.6 Update Instruction